5 Ways To Make The Most Of LinkedIn


We don’t know about you, but as soon as we hit adulthood, LinkedIn suddenly became a must-have. Essentially the social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn is the tool to use to market yourself the way you want, search for job positions, follow what your favorite companies are doing and, of course, stalk the hell out of any potentially helpful connections you may have.

Though the platform seems pretty straightforward — make your account, look at some stuff and network — there’s so much more to using it than you may realize. Here are five super smart ways to maximize your LinkedIn experience.

1. Customize your URL.

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When you set up your LinkedIn profile, you’re given a URL that doesn’t spell out your name neatly. Most LinkedIn URLs include some random numbers and dashes (like most automated social media URLs). So make sure to customize the link to simplify it and make it easier for potential employers, recruiters and important connections to find you.

2. Use a free month of LinkedIn Recruiter.

If you’re looking for a job or just want to expand your network, LinkedIn offers a free trial month of “LinkedIn Recruiter.” The feature allows you to see some job postings before others, positions you at the front of the line when recruiters search for people with similar job titles and interests, and lets you message anyone you want even if you’re not friends with them. The recruiter tool also allows you to see more people than a normal account can. Just make sure to cancel the subscription before the month is up unless you’re in love with the feature (and ready to spend a pretty penny).

3. Sign up for job alerts.

Even if you’re not currently on the prowl for a new position, you should be aware of the opportunities in your industry. LinkedIn allows you to tailor your preferences and experience to specific job titles you’re looking for and particular companies you’d like to work for. You can also sign up for daily email alerts that will provide the top new job postings only relevant to you directly in your inbox.

4. Disable the “People also viewed” function.

You may not think this is a cool hack, but trust us on this one. If your goal is to keep potentially important connections on your page, you need to disable the “People also viewed” function, which means that those connections won’t be recommended people who are similar to you or have worked with you. The longer someone’s on your page, the more likely they’re really looking through your information, which could turn into a valuable connection.

5. Utilize recommendations to the highest extent possible.

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Ask friends, coworkers and former bosses to write a recommendation that will be displayed on your page. Potential connections could be more impressed with someone who has accrued enough recommendations to be deemed legit in their field. Also, be willing to write recommendations back — but only if you can be honest about working well with and vouching for the performance of that person.