6 Habits Of People Who Get Promoted

habits of people who get promoted

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Success comes in many forms, and there are a million avenues you could take to achieve it. Sure, we could tell you about the benefits of learning certain skillsets or the books you should read to become a great leader. But in our opinion, true success comes when you develop good habits within the workplace. Hoping for a big promotion in the near future? Adopting these six habits could help you stand out in your organization and even be your key to that next big step in your career.

1. Paying Attention To What Your Boss Values

Of course, being a good culture fit for the company you work for is ideal. But even if you feel right at home at your company, you still have some adapting to do. First, observe what your boss prioritizes on a granular level, as well as in big-picture meetings. Watch how your boss interacts and assigns tasks with your team members. From these observations, you should be able to pick up on some of the major values your company, and your boss, uphold in the workplace. Respect these values and keep them in mind each day.

2. Finding The “White Space” At Your Company

White space is essentially the unoccupied area (or areas) in your company in which no manpower, budget or authority is designated, the rules are vague (or just nonexistent) and there is a ton of potential room for growth. Make it a personal mission to find and curate a solution to any white space you encounter within your organization.

3. Being Comfortable Going Beyond Your Job Description

It’s important to master what you have in front of you, which are your day-to-day tasks. But maintaining some flexibility and offering to jump in to help with a project here and there won’t go unnoticed. It could also show management that you’re ready for more work or responsibility if you’re able to manage your job description¬†and then some.

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4. Always Being Solution-Oriented

This point sounds obvious, but be especially self-aware during the workday when you speak. Not only do you need to be solution-oriented in the moments that count (like meetings or project proposals), but also in casual banter (like when your coworker is venting about her dog sitter). Unless your boss is totally unaware of every conversation you’ve ever had, you can bet they’ll pick up on your tone, and being solution-oriented in every situation will work to your advantage. Stay positive¬†always.

5. Not Being Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Unless you have the most boring job ever (sorry), there will likely be times during which you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s a side project your boss asked you to jump on or an opportunity to work with a team you’ve always wanted to get better acquainted with, block out the “what if”s and take an educated risk.

6. Encouraging And Celebrating Your Team Members’ Successes

Of course, highlighting your own accomplishments to your boss is important. But even more appealing than a high performer is a high performer who lifts up the team, too. Every time a colleague experiences a win, big or small, celebrate with them. Empowering your coworkers will strengthen your organization as well as get you noticed as a true team player.


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