8 Of The Cutest DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

diy dog halloween costumes

Pexels/Gilberto Reyes

It’s almost that time of year again when people start stressing out about coming up with the most original Halloween costume ideas. But all that time spent plotting your Stranger Things costume likely distracted you from one very important thing: what your dog is going to wear for Halloween. Dressing your pup up in an adorable costume will make him the talk of any Halloween party.

The good news is that you don’t need to shell out loads of cash on a store-bought costume that you’ll likely only use once. A quick search on the web will tell you that there are plenty of do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for dogs that are equally as adorable as their store-bought alternatives. Here are eight of our favorites that even the less crafty crowd will be able to handle.

1. Classic Hot Dog

If you’re a proud doxie owner, chances are that you’ve already joked about dressing your pup up as a hot dog for Halloween. You don’t need to buy an expensive doggy hot dog costume to actually go through with this idea. You can make this one at home by making the bun out of tan felt and carving your own makeshift mustard out of yellow fleece.

2. Low-Maintenance Shark

Does your puppy love the water more than most things in life? Then this shark costume is a perfect match for him. It’s relatively¬†easy to make¬†‚ÄĒ all you need are two pieces of grey felt, scissors, velcro, pipe cleaners and a hot glue gun. Walking to the dog park alongside a shark-clad pup is guaranteed to make even the crankiest of neighbors smile.

3. Beautiful Banana

If your dog is an adventurous¬†eater with a longer body, you might want to consider dressing him up as a banana. Make this easy banana costume at home by velcroing yellow felt to a dog anxiety T-shirt¬†‚ÄĒ no sewing required! The costume doesn’t have many parts to it, so it’s relatively¬†comfy compared to other dog Halloween costumes. Your pup¬†will thank you later.

4. Scary Spider

Pawrents who usually steer clear of arts and crafts might want to consider dressing their puppy up in this easy DIY spider costumes. All you need to make this baby at home are some pipe cleaners ‚ÄĒ approximately 75 regular-sized pieces for a smaller dog or two big pieces for a bigger dog¬†‚ÄĒ scissors and a dog collar.

5. Fierce Bat Dog

An ideal costume for the pup who thinks he can fly, this DIY costume involves making makeshift bat wings out of black craft foam an attaching them to your pup’s harness. Just make sure that your pup doesn’t get too confident in his new flying abilities!

6. Stinky Skunk

For the dog who occasionally stinks up the room but is still loved by all. To make this costume, you’ll need a measuring tape, scissors, a hot glue gun, a black dog tee or baby tee and white and black faux fur.

7. Tiny Taco

This one’s for Mexican food lovers. If you’re constantly craving tacos, why not dress your dog up like one for Halloween? Just don’t take a bite out of this one. All you need to make this adorable taco costume is red, green, brown and yellow felt, felt glue, buttons a hot glue gun and scissors.

8. Hairy Pawter

Calling all Hogwarts fans! Turn your pup into Harry this Halloween with this easy DIY costume. To create this Hairy Pawter costume, you’ll need red felt, gold felt, a glue gun, a pencil, black stiff felt, white paper and some ribbon. You’ll have this costume ready almost as fast as if you were an actual wizard with a wand.

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