Friday Fluff 07/26/2019: The Cutest Dogs Of The Week!



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Say hey to the cutest dogs of the week!

Oscar, Bridle French Bulldog, 2 Years

french bulldog

Fun fact: Other than apple picking, Oscar also loves car rides and flying in planes — he’s an adventurous pup!

Did you know? French bulldogs come in a variety of colors, including fawn, cream and various shades of brindle. Bridle French bulldogs have a coat patterned with specks and streaks of light and dark markings. [American Kennel Club]

Phyllis, Mixed Breed, 2 Years Old (Up For Adoption)

rescue dog
Courtesy of the ASPCA

Fun fact: Phyllis is a loving pup and she’s adored by everyone because of her snuggles, kisses and her big, beautiful smile. Phyllis has a BFF named Saul and the two are on the hunt for a forever home together. They’re currently both up for adoption but they’re a bonded pair which means they’ll have to be adopted together. Want to find out if Phyllis and Saul are the pups for you? Learn more here or contact the ASPCA directly.

Did you know? Are you set on owning a purebred? You should know that adopting a mutt comes with loads of perks. First off, mutts tend to have fewer health problems compared to purebred dogs. That’s because purebred dogs are more prone to genetic diseases. Mixed breeds are also extremely unique so if you pride yourself on not following trends, these pups are for you! [Dogster]

Chewie, Pomeranian, 4 Years Old


Fun fact: With over 100 thousand followers on Instagram, Chewy is almost as famous as your favorite celebrity. He’s known for giving the most adorable high-fives and for chronicling his daily adventures on social media. 

Did you know? Do you want to teach your pup a command that’s a little more impressive than simply “sit” and “stay”? Some tricks are easier to teach than others. A few of our favorites that don’t require too much training include “shake hands”, “take a bow” and “roll-over”. Here’s how to do it. [Rover]

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

— Anatole France

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