8 Of The Most Extravagant Dog Hotels In The U.S.

fancy dog hotels

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Most dog parents would do anything and everything to make sure that their pups get nothing but the best of the best — even if it means shelling out the big bucks. But some pup owners take things to the extreme by paying an arm and a leg to have their doggos stay at fancy pet hotels instead of at typical dog overnight care facilities. Here are eight of the most luxurious (and expensive!) dog hotels in the United States. From Gucci dog bedding to canine spas, these doggy dream destinations have it all.

1. K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel, Various Locations In New Jersy — $79 per night

This canine resort offers both overnight boards for pups and doggy daycare at multiple locations in New Jersey. When boarding your dog overnight, you can choose from a variety of accommodations, including executive rooms and luxury suites.

The most costly of all the boarding options are luxury suites that include a cage-free room for your pup with in-suite TV tuned to Animal Planet, luxury dog bedding, premium dog food and either all-day-play with other dogs or four private activities per day for your pup (such as walks, grooming and spa treatments). The resort also has an outdoor courtyard where four-legged ‘guests’ can roam free and take advantage of communal toys and a doggy jungle gym.

2. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, Sun Valley, California — $84 per night

California is notoriously known for its ultra pampered pups, and this luxury pooch resort is a true testament to that. At the Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, dogs can look forward to cage-free boarding, grooming (including massages!) and dog training classes. This pooch resort separates four-legged guests into packs according to their breed, size and temperament.

Each pack gets to roam free in several different outdoor yards throughout the day. Pups also get to play in an outdoor water park equipped with doggy water slides and various dog-friendly swimming pools of all sizes. At night, pups sleep in packs slumber-party-style in one of the many homes on the resort’s property, supervised by staff. The resort also lets you check up on your pet 24/7 by tuning in to one of the 11 webcams on the property.

3. Fitdog Sports Club, Santa Monica, California — $60 per night

fancy dog hotels


Do you want your pup to lose a few pounds while still having fun? Then you might want to drop him off at this doggy health club and resort before your next trip to a “no dogs allowed” destination. At Fitdog Sports Club, pooches can look forward to daily beach excursions, hikes through Southern California’s most gorgeous hiking trails, and luxurious amenities like cooling pet beds, full-service grooming, treadmill workouts, puzzle playtime and mini bar service — hey, everyone deserves a treat! Your pup can also get picked up via private taxi from any location in Santa Monica for $15 one-way.

4. Best Friends Pet Care, Walt Disney World, Florida — starting at $44 per night

Next time you’re headed to The Mouse’s playground, why not bring your pooch along for the ride? While you play in the park all day your pup can roam free in a private play yard at Best Friends Pet Care, a dog resort located right on the theme park’s property. You can pay extra to have your pooch stay overnight in one of the resort’s VIP luxury suites. Each suite comes equipped with a flat panel TV tuned to dog-friendly programming, a raised platform bed, a private patio and a personal pet concierge who will read a bedtime story to your pup before he goes to sleep each night!

5. Olde Towne Pet Resort, Washington D.C. — $115 per night for a Luxury Suite

This pooch resort has multiple locations throughout Washington, D.C. It’s most well-known for its top-of-the-line doggy spa treatments which include pup mud baths and blueberry facials. While staying at the resort, furry guests can take a dip in the heated swimming pool that’s meant for both exercise and therapy. If your pup stays overnight, he can sleep at one of the hotel’s ‘luxury suites’ that include optional TV and pet cams, so you can check in on your pup while he snoozes.

6. Chateau Poochie, Pompano Beach, Florida — Starting at $47 per night

fancy dog hotels

Chateau Poochie

While staying in a suite at this Florida pooch hotel, pups can enjoy optional classical music, mood lighting, satellite-enabled flat-screen TVs, air filtration, and many other luxurious amenities. If you want your pup to get extra pampered — because let’s face it, she deserves it — you can pay extra for her to enjoy gourmet doggy meals cooked by an on-site chef, tuck-in and bedtime-story services and even aromatherapy treatments… Can we go to this resort?

7. Pooch Hotel, Multiple Locations, USA — Prices Vary By Location

This pup hotel has multiple locations all over the U.S., including branches in Connecticut, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts and California. The hotel offers off-leash all day play for well-behaved pooches so your doggo can make plenty of new friends while he’s on vacation. With access to treadmill runs and pool-time every day as well as a luxury spa, Pooch Hotel gives your pup a chance to relax while still making sure he keeps up his fitness. You can even pay extra to get your pup extra belly rubs throughout the day.

8. D Pet Hotels, Multiple Locations, USA — Prices Vary By Location

With locations in Texas, New York City, Arizona and California this pup hotel isn’t much different than a regular five-star hotel. Pups who stay overnight can enjoy bedrooms with human-grade full-sized beds and — naturally — flat-screen TVs. At the hotel spa, pooches can get their ears and teeth cleaned and even get a pawdicure with their favorite nail color — Princess only likes pink!

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