Your Phone Is Filthy And You Need To Clean It ASAP

clean your phone

Reshot/Maíra Orempüller

Pop quiz: How clean is your phone? You might think that because you’re the only one who uses it and you wipe those oily fingerprints on your screen onto your shirt daily, you’re doing just fine. But think again. Most mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle.

Did you just gag at that? Because we sure did.

Our phones are freaking filthy, you guys. And we spend countless hours of the day holding them directly up to our faces and touching them with our hands, which then touch everything else. So we should probably get better about cleaning them more frequently.

There’s no such thing as cleaning your phone too often as long as you’re not literally pouring cleaning solution into the teeny crevices of your device. With that said, there are proper ways to go about the germ removal process. Here are the cleaning tips we recommend you follow.

clean your phone

Reshot/Andrei Puzakov

Grab an empty spray bottle lying around your home (or purchase a travel-sized one for less than $1 at your local pharmacy) and fill it with 60 percent distilled water and 40 percent isopropyl alcohol. Then find either a high-quality paper towel or a microfiber, lint-free cloth (like the kind you use to clean the lenses of glasses) and lightly spray it with the cleaning solution. Gently wipe your phone ‘s touch screen, back and around any buttons. Yes, you’ll need to take your phone case off.

It’s also a good idea to get out some Q-tips, dab them in the rubbing alcohol cleaning solution and run them along the hard-to-reach seams and edges of your phone that are notorious for collecting dirt, crumbs and extra gross gunk. Oh, and avoid going overboard with the cleaner because you really don’t want moisture seeping into the mechanics of your phone.

And that’s it! It’s so crazy simple that we can’t believe we’ve just been hanging out with a ton of germs this entire time. But hey, you live and you learn, right?


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