You Need To Clean Your Earbuds ASAP

how to clean your headphones

Okay, team, we need to have a little hygiene chat… and it’s about those earbud¬†headphones of yours.

Do you know how many times you’ve put them in your ears, stuffed them into your pocket, shoved them into your bag, held them in your sweaty palm and put them back in your ears again? Infinite. Better yet, how many times have you shared them with a friend or your partner when watching a viral YouTube video or listening to a new Post Malone single? Quite a few. Now, how many times have you stopped to clean those babies?

Right. Ewww.

Naturally, when you wear headphones that jam inside your ears, you’re going to get earwax and sweat and bacteria and all sorts of icky goop on those things. And that collection only grows when you decide to be generous and share them. So please, take 60 seconds out of your week and wash these little guys.

how to clean your headphones


The process is simple. First, manually remove any earwax residue that has built up inside and around the piece that goes directly into your ear. (Be sure to tilt the bud downward so that any stray pieces of filth don’t end up falling beneath that little mesh surface and getting stuck inside the bud.) Then, coat a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol or your choice of disinfectant spray and wipe the headphones down thoroughly. Be mindful of excess cleaner, because that could leak inside the bud and damage the device.

Once you’re done, instead of letting your headphones fall back down to the bottom of your bag, give them their own little case in which they can stay nice and clean while on the go. Oh, and just stop sharing them with other people altogether.¬†Blegh.


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