10 Career Tips From Ambitious Celebrity Women That Will Get Your Butt Moving

celebrity women career tips


While we’re quick to take career advice from our peers, family and influential moguls, celebrities and those in the entertainment industry can sometimes have equally impressive tips. From major movie stars like Reese Witherspoon to top female rap artist Nicki Minaj, these 10 celebrity women are dishing out serious #GOALS inspo. Learn from them and rejoice for your bigger and brighter path.

1. Pay attention to your passions. — Reese Witherspoon

“All we can do to create change is work hard. That’s my advice: Just do what you do well. If you are one of those people who has that little voice in the back of her mind saying, ‘Maybe I could do [fill in the blank],’ don’t tell it to be quiet. Give it a little room to grow, and try to find an environment it can grow in.”

2. Silence the doubt in your head when you can. — Lupita Nyong’o

“Every time I overcome an obstacle, it feels like success. Sometimes the biggest ones are in our head—the saboteurs that tell us we can’t. I’ve always had that going on: ‘I can’t,’ and then I do, so the voice says, ‘Well, that was an exception!’ It’s a tug-of-war between two voices: the one who knows she can and the one who’s scared she can’t.”

3. Legitimately work hard.Nicki Minaj

“It’s important that at some point in your life you really focus on your career, almost to the point of insanity. You’ll never get this time back. You have to want it so bad that you wake up in the morning and you think about it, live it, breathe it, eat it, and see it all day. After you’ve accomplished a couple of things, then take a moment. Work and work for those first years, and then come out of the matrix a little bit and take a freaking vacation.”

4. The phrase “Yes, and…” is a powerful one. — Tina Fey

“To me, YES, AND means don’t be afraid to contribute. It’s your responsibility to contribute… Always make sure you’re adding something to the discussion. Your initiations are worthwhile.”

5. Own your dreams. – Kerry Washington

“Make sure you’re not pursuing the dreams that somebody thinks you should have, because dreams take a lot of work and a lot of support. And you’ll be more inspired to go after them if they’re really, really yours.”

6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. — Lucy Liu

“I learned early on that I’m not going to be afraid to ask for help… You’re sort of letting go of your ego when you do that because you’re not thinking that no one else can do it better. I’m sure that many people can do it better, and I can learn from them.”

7.  Study as much as you need to, to master your craft — Lena Waithe

“I think a big thing for me, whenever people talk to me people hit me up a lot on my DMs or tweet me and stuff like that, ‘What kind of advice you have?’ I always tell them to study. Study the craft. Hustling is apart of it, but it’s… I always say this, hustle gets you in the room, talent keeps you there.”

8. Stay acquainted with yourself. — Shonda Rhimes

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“Get to know yourself. That’s the first step to finding your spotlight. When I started to try to lose weight and get healthier, I decided to eat only things I craved enough to say yes to. This is crazy, but I had no idea what they were. I hadn’t paid attention to what made me happy. Turns out, I’m obsessed with tomato soup.”

9. Make time for self-expression. — Maggie Gyllenhaal

“The most powerful thing that you can do is carve out a little space for yourself even if you don’t have a lot of power to begin with. Just make some space where you can express what’s important to you.”

10. Do what feels right, no matter how weird. — Natalie Portman

“If your reasons are your own, your path, even if it’s a strange and clumsy path, will be wholly yours, and you will control the rewards of what you do by making your internal life fulfilling.”


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