Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal-Planning App

Beyonce vegan app


If you aren’t on a plant-based diet already, here’s some news that might inspire you. Beyoncé partnered with vegan nutritionist Marco Borges to create a vegan meal-planning service called 22 Days Nutrition.

The vegan delivery app connects users to plant-based meals that are curated by Borges through a matching system. The app allows you to customize these meals based on your cooking habits, allergies, dietary needs, household size and health goals.

This meal-delivery service has you covered if you don’t have time to go grocery shopping. 22 Days Nutrition creates a grocery list for you so that you can shop within the experience. Through partnerships with Peapod and Instacart, you can order your groceries online and have them sent directly to your doorstep.

Subscribers also get support from food coaches and on-demand nutritional advice from the app.

22 Days Nutrition costs $14 a month or $99 annually.

Bey’s new app is aimed at making a plant-based lifestyle more accessible while supporting a healthy planet. I guess this means we can all look like Queen B?

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