The Perfect Spotify Playlists For Every Type Of Workout

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When you’re having a hard time pushing through an intense workout, there’s nothing quite like listening to a killer playlist to get it done. Multiple studies have shown that listening to music when exercising can act as a distraction from the burn and even help motivate exercisers to put more effort into their workouts, increasing the benefits that they reap from each sweat sesh.

But not all playlists are suited for every type of workout, and listening to music that doesn’t mesh well with the mode of exercise that you’ve chosen for the day can be just as ineffective as listening to no music at all. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect Spotify playlists for every type of workout. Regardless of whether you’re a yogi or a powerlifter, we’ve got the ideal tunes for your next trip to the gym.

For The Jogger

The Nike Running Tempo Mix 

This playlist includes a mix of songs that’ll help you maintain a steady jogging pace while still keeping you mentally engaged during a long run. The lineup has mostly poppy songs with a little electronic music mixed in, and it includes songs by a wide range of artists — from Pink to Childish Gambino. Since it was designed by America’s iconic footwear manufacturing company, there’s no surprise that this mix of tunes is a favorite among runners.

For The Plyometrics Enthusiast

HIIT Workout

When doing plyometric exercises — a high-intensity mode of exercise that involves a lot of explosive movements like jump squats, box jumps and burpees — you want a high-energy playlist that will motivate you to put your maximal effort into every rep. We think that this collection of fast-paced techno and house music by artists like Calvin Harris and Tiësto is a perfect match for this type of workout.

For The Weightlifter

Beast Mode

This playlist’s title says it all — listening to it will turn you into an unstoppable beast during your next workout. The powerful mix of rap and hip-hop music will motivate you to lift heavier loads during your next strength training session. The Spotify mix includes songs by the likes of Rick Ross, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye and Drake.

For The Sprinter


If you’re looking for some extra motivation to power through your sprints, look no further than this Spotify playlist. The mix of tracks offers both a blend of motivating fast-paced electronic music and guided work and rest intervals. In the typical Tabata style, a trainer will alert you when it’s time to go all out for your 20-second sprints and when it’s time to kick it back a notch for your 10-second rest periods.

For The Hiker

Lets Go Hiking 

Some people would rather simply listen to the sounds of nature when going for a hike, but if you do choose to listen to tunes as you trek through the hills, we recommend that you opt for this Spotify playlist. The mix of country and folk tunes includes songs by Bob Dylan and Nick Mulvey. Think a lot of acoustic guitar and vocals that go great with beautiful scenery.

For The Cyclist

SoulCycle Dance Party

We can’t think of a better playlist for cyclists than one that was designed by the kings and queens of indoor cycling over at SoulCycle. This mix of dance-worthy tunes will get you spinning those legs at record speed. The Spotify playlist mixes throwbacks like Whitney Huston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in with newer, faster-paced tunes like Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s “One Kiss.” With more than 70 songs, this playlist is guaranteed to get you through even one of your longer rides.

For The Yogi

Vinyasa Yoga Playlist

This mix of tunes is perfect for the more vigorous yogi practice of vinyasa yoga. The Spotify playlist starts off with slower songs that are meant to promote relaxation to get you to reach a calm state before you begin the flow of your practice. The middle section includes more fast-paced songs for higher-energy poses, and the end is full of more traditional yoga music meant to guide you through your cool down.

For The Boxer

Military/LEO Motivation

We get it — sometimes all you need to feel better after a long and stressful day is to throw a couple of punches at your local boxing studio. If this is the case for you, then you’ll need an epic playlist to get you in the mood for some non-violent ass-kicking. With a mixture of hard rock and a couple of heavy metal songs, this is the perfect playlist for powering your boxing drills.


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