These 5 Free Health Apps Help You Achieve Your Goals


Getting in shape could be one of the hardest endeavors of all time (we’re sure tons of you agree), especially if you don’t have unlimited funds for a trainer or unlimited time to train. That’s where technology comes in: ahhhh yes, health apps.

What a concept to use your phone to motivate you. There are a ton of health apps available, but which ones are actually effective? You could try them all with a trial-and-error method, but why not make it easy on yourself and try one of the five free apps below:

1.  Swork It — Free (iOS/Android)

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What It Does: This app provides a large library of customized workout videos featuring cardio, yoga and strength training. You can mix and match videos to create your own personalized playlist.

Perks:: Other than being free, the app can sync to any other tracking app like Apple Health and Google Fit, so you can upload your progress and data right into the system.

2. JEFIT — Free (iOS/Android)

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What It Does: Specifically designed to help you build muscle, this app has a database of over 1,300 exercises targeting specific body parts and full-body movements.

Perks:: The workout plans are community-based, and you can read testimonials of other users who have used the plans. You can also select routines based on your skill level, weight and reps.

3. Couch to 5K — Free (iOS/Android)

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What It Does: The purpose of this app is to get you in shape for your first 5k. Designed as a running app for non-runners, it creates an eight-week program for you to follow.

Perks:: The app sends three workouts a week to complete with an interactive map you can follow on your run. The map tracks how many calories you burn and even shows you a physical route of where you’re going. Bonus: it color codes the points where you should warm up and cool down.

4. Spotify Running — Free (iOS/Android)

What It Does: Your Spotify app detects your running pace and matches it with music that plays at the same tempo. That way, you won’t have to stop or slow down to change a song that just isn’t doing it for you.

Perks:: The app won’t just reach into your own playlists to find the perfect running song — it offers new music and entire playlists that work with your running style to enhance your exercise effectively.

5. Yonder — Free (iOS/Android)

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What It Does: This app aggregates info on the best local hiking, swimming, biking, kayaking and skiing spots in your area.

Perks:: Along with an interactive map of all the best spots, the app also provides key tips from local outdoorsmen and women.