7 Fruit And Veggie Chips You Can Easily Make Yourself

best vegetable chips


It’s incredibly easy to make your own fruit and veggie chips at home. If you have a working oven, oil, salt and a baking sheet, you can quickly turn your produce into a crunchy snack. There’s no need to buy chips from the store once you get the hang of it. Just buy a mandoline online for $15 to make your life way easier and get to work on these seven fruits and vegetable chip varieties.

1. Potato Chips

You know what they say: Buy someone potato chips and they’ll eat for a day, but teach someone to make potato chips and they’ll eat for a lifetime. Or something like that. Once you learn how to make your own potato chips, you’ll feel like the world is your oyster. Here’s a recipe for baked potato chips that’ll only take you 30 minutes. Use your imagination and come up with a winning flavor that you can pitch to all of the chip companies out there (or at least your friends who come over to munch on them).

2. Radish Chips

best vegetable chips


Just as crunchy as potato chips, radish chips are colorful, fun and easy to make yourself. Here’s a recipe for cinnamon sugar radish chips that are the perfect combination of earthy, sweet and spicy. You can add these radish chips to your ice cream or yogurt, or just snack on them solo. You could also go the savory route and make these rosemary garlic radish chips.

3. Banana Chips

Whenever you have a craving for some chunky monkey ice cream, you can bake some banana chips instead. For a cheap and sweet snack, cut your banana into slices that are about one-fourth of an inch thick. Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on top, sprinkle some cinnamon and lay them out on a baking sheet. Bake them for about two hours at 225 degrees, or until your bananas are completely dried out.

4. Kale Chips

best vegetable chips


When in doubt, make yourself some kale chips. Chances are, you’ll never offend anyone with a plate of kale chips. You could go the sweet and spicy route with these Sriracha and coconut kale chips or go the umami route with these “cheesy” kale chips. You also can’t go wrong with a little bit of sea salt and olive oil.

5. Apple Chips

You know when you buy a giant bag of apples and then you forget about them? Well, when you have an inkling that they’re about to go bad within the next week, make some apple chips. You’ll need a couple of hours in the oven to completely dry them out, but it’ll require basically no effort.

Here’s a recipe for baked cinnamon apple chips that’ll work with Honeycrisp, Fuji and Jazz apples. Get crazy with the spices. Maybe you want to add a pop of color with some turmeric or add a little spice with some ground ginger.

6. Pear Chips

best vegetable chips


Pears are a naturally beautiful fruit and they’re even prettier when you slice them up to make chips. You’ll look like you made something fancy without even trying. These slow-roasted pear chips have a beautiful golden brown color. For a bold and spicy flavor, try these spiced pear chips with cocoa, vanilla sugar, garam masala and cayenne pepper.

7. Beet Chips

When it comes to naturally beautiful foods, beets are high up there. The natural magenta color always stands out. For a pop of color for any salad or dessert, just bake some beet chips. Try these three-ingredient rosemary beet chips or these low-key beet chips with a little olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.


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