13 Beet Dishes That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

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Beets have the ability to make any dish beautiful with their bright magenta hue. With just a little bit of beet juice, you can easily transform the color of any of your favorite foods. So if your dinner table ever needs an extra pop of color, you can always rely on this root vegetable to brighten things up. Here are 13 beet dishes that are almost too pretty to eat.

1. Beet Hummus

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2. Beet Gnocchi

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3. Beet Spaghetti

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4. Beet Burger

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5. Beet Spirals

6. Beet Fritters

7. Beet Tartare

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8. Beet Falafel

9. Beet Pesto

10. Beet Couscous

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11. Beet Pancakes

12. Beet Risotto

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13. Beet Shakshouka