5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money Every Time You Shop

best shopping apps for saving money

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Online shopping can be flat-out addicting. It’s so easy to fall into an endless scroll of shoes until you have 10 versions of the “perfect pair” for next weekend’s party, but most of us just can’t buy them all. Hell, even after we narrow it down to two pairs and check out, clicking that “confirm order” button can send our budgets out of whack. But since we’re human and really do need that new purse or face mask from time to time, we might as well find ways to save some money as we spend it. In order to avoid post-shopping spree regrets, check out these five shopping apps that will help you stash some cash every time you decide to splurge.

1. Poshmark

best shopping apps for saving money

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Founded back in 2011, Poshmark has taken over the fashion scene as the go-to online marketplace for flipping your closet into fast cash or buffing up your wardrobe with incredible pieces at up to a 70 percent discount. The app is unique because it allows users to act as both the merchant and the patron all within one space. Currently, Poshmark offers more than 5,000 brands from vintage to luxury in all sizes that include plus, petite and junior. Though Poshmark keeps 20 percent of the proceeds from each purchase, it’s so much more than a virtual bargain center. In addition to buying and selling at ease, users can browse the closets of other accounts for inspiration, join any of the daily themed-fashion parties hosted on the app or even get styled by a stylist of their choosing. With Poshmark, your closet will never feel dull again.

2. Whole Foods Market

best shopping apps for saving money

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Thanks to that timely merger between Amazon and Whole Foods, shopping for organic and sustainable eats got a whole lot easier. With the Whole Foods Market app, customers can see what items are on sale weekly at different stores around the country. But it doesn’t stop there. For Amazon Prime members, there’s a double bonus as app users get exclusive deals and special savings in addition to 10 percent off of countless products. However, the best part of the app might be its utter simplicity. All you need to do is download the Whole Foods app, sign in with your Amazon account, show your QR code at the checkout and stroll away fully stocked with all the produce and natural cleaning products your heart could desire.

3. Groupon

best shopping apps for saving money

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Regardless of whether you’re in the mood for new electronics, a spa day or that next concert ticket, you can find it all on Groupon. With over 35 million users registered in more than 15 countries and 500 cities worldwide, this app is the go-to spot for planning both everyday and luxury experiences at incredible discounts. Based on your location, the app lets you in on local deals and is constantly updating its feed. So the next time you want to try a new workout studio, don’t balk at the high prices. Chances are that Groupon can help you out.

4. Skyscanner

best shopping apps for saving money

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Skyscanner is the gateway app into the realm of endless vacation possibilities. As the all-inclusive guide to booking the perfect trip, the app easily directs you the best prices for flights, hotels and rentals cars for any destination based on your timing and preference. Not sure where to hop to next? The app will show you a list of the cheapest flights around the world based on the time of year. App users can also select from a multitude of trip guides, such as Popular Destinations, Last Minute, Solo Travel, Kid Free and Best Deals By Month. The best part? Users can tailor each trip with ease at any time and with no added fees.

5. Keyring

best shopping apps for saving money

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Plain and simple, Keyring is the app that every family needs. Not only does it securely and digitally organize every user’s current loyalty or membership cards, but it also constantly directs app holders to the best deals in the area. With Keyring, users can create interactable shopping lists to share with their family members and friends so everyone at home stays up to date and in the know. From pharmacy coupons to superstore sales, Keyring makes saving money in day-to-day life so much easier.


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