11 Apps That Help You Reduce Your Screen Time

best apps to reduce screen time


Between our phones, laptops, tablets, TVs and more, we’re constantly plugged into technology. Not only can it distract us from getting our to-do lists done, but it’s also damaging to our eyes. Say goodbye to the addicting games, text messages and Instagram Stories and hello to these 11 apps that’ll help you reduce your daily screen time.

1. Freedom — iOS, Android, Desktop

If Facebook or email sucks the time out of your day, download Freedom. This app lets you block apps and websites that can distract you from being productive every day. According to Freedom, more than 750,000 people use the app. You can start with a free trial before deciding if you need it in your life full time. The paid plans start at $2.42 per month for a one-year subscription or $6.99 per month for the pay as you go model.

2. Moment — iOS, Android

Take more moments away from your phone with this app, which literally helps you pick up your phone less every day. You’ll be able to measure how much time you’re spending on your phone and which apps you use the most, as well as take advantage of guided coaching sessions that help you build better habits with technology. It’s free to try, but then $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

3. ZenScreen — iOS, Android, Desktop

If you’re constantly starting your day on your phone, then ZenScreen is for you. After spending 10 minutes on your phone in the morning, the app will force you to spend 20 minutes without it. You can even set an entertainment limit, quiet time and then even a healthy bedtime for calmer ends to your days. Check out the analytics to see how the app improves the amount of time you spend on your devices, too. The app is free for your first 14 days, and then it’s $3.99 per month for an annual subscription, or $4.99 per month with the pay as you go model.

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4. BreakFree — iOS, Android

Monitor your phone usage and get an “addiction score” with BreakFree. The app allows you to disable the internet, reject phone calls, send auto responses for texts and more. The analytics will help you understand how much time you may be wasting every day on your device, helping you create better habits. It’s free for the basic version, or you can upgrade for 99 cents and enjoy the ad-free version.

5. Social Fever — Android

Manage your time in a smarter way with Social Fever. With this app, the endless scroll will come to a stop. You’ll get detailed info on how much time you spend on apps, how long you phone is unlocked for every day and more. You can even meditate for 30 minutes with the app instead of spending that time on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the price for this app isn’t listed in the Google Play store.

6. DinnerMode — iOS

Stop bringing your phone to meals and make memories there with friends and family instead. DinnerMode lets you set a timer for how long you want to spend away from your device. It’s formatted like a challenge, and if you win, you can tweet our your results and challenge your friends to try it, too. Even better, the app is free and can be used for more than just meals.

7. AppDetox — Android

Put some rules in place for how often you use your phone and its many apps. Every time you break one of your rules on AppDetox, you’ll be reminded of how much you use your phone and ways you can decrease your time on technology. Unfortunately, the price for this app isn’t listed in the Google Play store.

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8. RealizD — iOS, Android

Track your phone and tablet usage with RealizD so you can spend more time doing things you love IRL. You can set daily screen time limits which will force you off your phone when you’ve gone over. There’s even a screen-free challenge to test how much your usage habits have improved. The app is free to download, with other experiences or products for sale in the app.

9. OFFTIME — Android

Unplug and then get to work with OFFTIME. The app gives you info on your phone usage habits, as well as sets reminders for when you should shut it off for a bit. You can even block calls, text messages and notifications. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the only one using the app — you can invite your friends to participate, too. Unfortunately, the price for this app isn’t listed in the Google Play store.

10. Space — iOS, Android, Desktop

Take back control of your device and stop getting sucked into social media apps and your email. With Space, you’ll be able to work toward achieving different awards within the app, such as a badge for meeting your time goal. Track your progress and start spending less and less time on your device every day. The app is free to download, with other experiences or products for sale in the app.

11. AntiSocial — Android

Now, you’ll need a trusted partner for this one. Whether it’s your BFF, mom or SO, ask them to download AntiSocial and set a limit on how much time you spend on social media on your phone. The app remotely monitors usage, blocks apps and tracks location, too. Just ask them to set up daily limits, block times and a timer to let you know when you’re about to be forced out. It’s free, though the app’s website states that a paid version may be coming soon.

Apps are great, but if we spend too much time scrolling, we could end up missing out on getting ahead at work and in life. With these apps that reduce screen time, you’ll be able to increase you productivity and thrive in life.


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