Here’s Everything You Can Make With A Container Of Greek Yogurt

what to make with Greek yogurt


A container of Greek yogurt is limitless. It can work as a dairy substitute in just about any recipe you can dream up. If you bought a large container of yogurt (rather than one of those single-serve cups) and don’t want it to go bad before you have the chance to use it all, consider these creative and delicious ways to add Greek yogurt to your favorite recipes.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese

You’d be surprised by how awesome Greek yogurt can be in your mac ‘n’ cheese. Here’s a creamy Greek yogurt mac ‘n’ cheese that’s made with shredded cheese, thick Greek yogurt and spinach. Don’t be shy. Any time you want to add a little extra creaminess but avoid using things like heavy cream or cream cheese, go at it with the Greek yogurt. Here’s another mac ‘n’ cheese recipe that has more of crunchy texture going on with breadcrumbs and smoked paprika.


For a healthy alternative to any traditional frosting, use Greek yogurt as a substitute. Here’s a four-ingredient icing recipe for your red velvet cake that’s made with powdered sugar, salt, vanilla and yogurt. You can also use yogurt when you’re making icing for carrot cake or cupcakes. These carrot cake cupcakes have a Greek yogurt glaze that’s easy to make, and you can drizzle it over just about anything.


One of the best ways to use a thick and creamy yogurt is for dips. There’s no reason you should ever have to use mayo or sour cream when you have a container of Greek yogurt lying around. You can use yogurt in dips ranging from tzatziki and cucumber sauce to a beet yogurt dip with walnuts, mint and feta cheese. Here are a few more dip recipes for inspiration. You’ll get the richness and creaminess that you want with Greek yogurt, plus that extra tart kick.

Ice Cream Pops

what to make with Greek yogurt


Frozen yogurt pops are a perfect snack for those scorching summer days. But instead of buying them at the store, where you have no control over what goes inside of them, make them yourself at home. These three-ingredient blueberry yogurt swirl popsicles are a no-brainer as long as you have a popsicle mold. You could also go the peanut butter route and make these chocolate and peanut butter Greek yogurt popsicles for your friends.


For those of you who love to bake, you can add Greek yogurt to your muffins as your dairy source. Give these blueberry oat Greek yogurt muffins a try, or tackle these apple cinnamon Greek yogurt muffins. Tart dairy ingredients like yogurt or buttermilk will give an added dose of acidity to your baked goods that will react with the baking soda and help to improve the leavening process.

Chocolate Mousse

When you need a rich dessert on the fly, a bowl of chocolate mousse will come to the rescue. Greek yogurt provides a thick and creamy structure for chocolate mousse, as well as an extra layer of flavor. Here’s a Greek yogurt chocolate mousse that’s made with dark chocolate and a little bit of amaretto liqueur. This five-ingredient mousse has hints of vanilla and maple syrup, and you’ll end up with enough to feed a group of four to five people. No doubt, everyone will be impressed.


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