This New App Lets You Avoid All Of Those Long Food Truck Lines


Students at Drexel University in Philadelphia are making your food truck cravings way less stressful with a new an app called TruckBux. For food trucks available in the app, customers can order food and receive a notification when it’s ready.

With TruckBux, you’ll get to view all of the top food trucks in your area along with their menus. There’s also an interactive map feature in the app that’ll let you easily locate all of the mobile grub. In addition to using credit and debit cards, you can pay for your food with Venmo and Apple Pay.

For now, TruckBux services more than 10 food trucks at Drexel University and it’s launched a few partnerships with Temple University. The students behind TruckBux plan to make the app available nationwide.

Truckbux food truck app


According to the company’s website, food trucks are losing sales because of long lines and a lack of cash on hand. TruckBux aims to solve these issues with the convenience factor.

Yes, the app will be a positive for food trucks during off hours, but we’re curious how these trucks will keep up with the demand, especially around the lunch rush. Food trucks aren’t designed to handle the same demand as restaurants. Once customers realize they can lounge until their food is ready, food trucks will be slammed with business. This could be both a positive and a negative for the industry. We’ll have to wait and see!


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