Daily Fit 07/11/2019: This Is The Healthiest Thai Takeout

This is the healthiest Thai takeout


Health Tip Of The Day: These simple swaps will allow you to eat healthy when ordering Thai food.

Thai takeout is easy and delicious, but many of your favorite items on the menu are less healthy than you think. Between the full-fat coconut milk and the giant plates of noodles, you can lose yourself in a carb and fat coma if you’re not careful. This delightful experience is completely necessary at times, but if you’re indulging in Thai takeout multiple times a week it could seriously hinder your progress towards those fitness goals. Luckily, there are a few healthy swaps you can make when ordering Thai takeout. Here are three of our favorites.

1. Swap Thai iced tea for coconut water.

Most Thai iced teas are made with sweetened condensed milk. Although they taste delicious, they pack a serious punch of sugar. Opt for coconut water instead, which is naturally sweet and full of antioxidants.

2. Swap spring rolls for summer rolls.

Opt for a summer roll full of fresh veggies rather than a fried spring roll. You could cut up to 4 grams of unhealthy fats and 13 grams of carbs from your meal.

3. Swap pad Thai for cashew chicken.

We love pad Thai as much as the next person, but the sweetness of the sauce coupled with the fact that it comes with a boatload of noodles make it a serious calorie bomb. Cashew chicken still has a pretty sweet sauce but the nuts add extra protein and healthy fats. Plus you can get it sans rice if you’re looking to cut back on carbs. You can also swap the traditional white rice for brown to add some healthy whole grains to your meal. Click through for more healthy swaps to make when ordering Thai food. [Swirled]

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