Here Are The Healthiest Swaps When Ordering Thai


If you’re a Thai food fiend, you probably have the menu down pat and order your go-to dish every time. We agree that Thai food is extremely delicious, but in reality, a lot of it isn’t that great for you. Between the full-fat coconut milk to giant plates of noodles, you can lose yourself in a carb and fat coma if you’re not careful. Here are some swaps to make if you want to keep your health game strong while not compromising on flavor.

1. Swap Thai iced tea for coconut water.

As delicious as it may be, Thai iced tea incorporates sweetened condensed milk, which gives it that unique taste and sweetness. Of course, the sugar overload can be too much. If it’s on the menu, go for a coconut water, which has a number of health benefits like providing nutrients and antioxidants while still having a subtle sweetness.

2. Swap spring rolls for summer rolls.

Flickr / sfllaw

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a summer roll filled with fresh vegetables is better for you than a fried vegetable spring roll. Though spring rolls vary in size, frying them can add up to, on average, 3.5 to 4 grams of total fat and up to 13 grams of carbs. Summer rolls, on the other hand, are often made with fresh, raw vegetables, herbs and are served with a light dipping sauce. That’s a no-brainer.

3. Swap pad Thai for cashew chicken sans rice.

Pad Thai is a classic, but the sweetness of the sauce and the fact that it’s noodle-dense puts it in the high-calorie category. Though cashew chicken’s sauce can be on the sweeter side, the nuts add extra protein. Bonus: keep it carb-less by ditching the rice.

4. Swap curry for chicken satay.

Curry is amazing (shout out to Panang curry), but most Thai curries are made with coconut milk, which can add unnecessary sugar and saturated fat to the dish. Chicken satay, on the other hand, is like a handheld healthy version of your favorite curry with chicken. The meat is marinated and broiled, then served with a peanut sauce.

5. Swap coconut ice cream for green mango papaya salad.


Sorry, guys. Just like the coconut milk, coconut ice cream can pack in a lot of saturated fat and sugar. Instead, round out your night with a green mango papaya salad, which is made with fresh fruit and herbs.