Daily Fit 4/10/19: The Secret To A Happier Gut

the secret to a happier gut


Wellness Tip Of The Day: Add basil seeds to your diet to make your gut the happiest it’s ever been.

Why They’re So Great: Basil seeds, or Sabja seeds, are the small black seeds of the sweet basil plant. They’re a staple in ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for their digestion-enhancing properties. Their popularity as a health aid and ingredient is due in large part to the way they swell up into gelatinous pearls, similar to chia but with a more tapioca-like texture, when exposed to liquid. Basil seeds have long been used to treat ulcers, indigestion and diarrhea in traditional medicine. They’re also a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron and fiber.

How To Use Them: Once you snag some from your local specialty market or on Amazon, you can soak them in a glass of water just like you would chia seeds and drink up. They also add a nice texture to your springtime smoothies and overnight oats. And if you want to go the savory route, toss them into a salad dressing to prevent the oil from separating from the rest of the ingredients. [mindbodygreen]

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