Daily Fit 06/21/2019: The Best Yoga Style For You

The best yoga style for you


It’s International Yoga Day! Not all yoga styles are fit for all people. Find out which one’s right for you before you pick your next practice.

It’s International Yoga Day! If yoga isn’t part of your weekly workout regimen, now is the time to start. The benefits of yoga are endless and include boosted flexibility, improved heart health, reduced inflammation, deeper sleep and relief from chronic pain. Ready to unroll your yoga mat? Before you start you’ll want to find the style that works best for you. From steamy Bikram classes to the more meditative Yin style, we have the breakdown so you can choose a class that brings out your inner yogi.

Ashtanga: A planned yoga sequence that stays the same every class, ideal for those of us who are just a touch Type A.
Bikram: This predetermined sequence of 26 guided poses is similar to Ashtanga, but turns up the heat. Your studio will be heated to 105 degrees, so you’ll definitely be sweating.
Hot Yoga: The studio is not as sweltering as 105 degrees and not every class will include the same poses but, if you’re a focused yogi that gets a bit antsy with routine, these sessions are for you.
Iyengar: For beginners, the straps and blocks used in these classes might help you ease into trickier techniques. This flow is a bit slower than the others and focuses on proper alignment.
Kundalini: If you’re looking to strengthen your body and mind, the dynamic breathing exercises, meditation and mantras of this style will help your muscles and mind unwind.
Restorative: Slow your day down with restorative yoga, which moves through only five or six poses per class, holding each for at least five minutes. You’ll achieve a deep stretch and can avoid any first-timer anxiety.
Vinyasa: This flow focuses on connecting poses to breathing and is one of the most common styles in the U.S. For the more playful and impatient yogi, this class allows you to explore your balance and moves at a fast pace.
Yin: A simpler style that allows you to achieve stillness and relaxation in poses held from three to five minutes. This slow flow is perfect for the stressed yoga-goer looking for released tension and relaxation.

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“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. ”

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