5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Time To Start Practicing Yoga

how to start doing yoga


How many times have you stared at a breathtaking Instagram photo of a fit woman doing a handstand and thought, “I really need to try this whole yoga thing”? You’re not alone. The practice of yoga appeals to people from all walks of life because of its powerful ability to nurture all minds, bodies and souls. However, getting over that first-session hump can be quite the challenge.

So we’re here to help nudge you over that edge. We all lack confidence in the things we have yet to try, but that doesn’t mean you should call it quits before getting started. And believe it or not, the summer months are actually the best time of the year to dive into the world of yoga. So pause, take a deep breath and consider these five reasons to finally get on that yoga mat this summer.

1. The days are as long as they’ll ever be.

how to start doing yoga

Unsplash/Olu Eletu

Ahhh, sweet summertime. You’ve waited (rather impatiently) for it to arrive, and now you can finally bask in glorious daylight for a solid 15 hours at a time. All of sudden, the demands of your job don’t consume your entire day. Instead, you have plenty of hours available for you to get started with a new wellness practice and integrate it into your weekly routine before autumn approaches.

What’s more, the shining sun makes the weather a lot warmer, and heat is much kinder to your muscles and their flexibility than frigid cold temps. So if you want to challenge your body while also keeping safety in mind, consider taking your new yoga practice outside.

2. You have more time and energy to focus on you.

how to start doing yoga


With longer days and easy, vitamin D access on your side (thank you, sunshine), your energy levels are likely to see a significant increase. So run with it and use that newfound motivation for personal gain. Kicking off a new yoga routine is one of the best ways to practice self-care, and you can move through your asanas virtually anywhere.

3. A yoga practice makes all of your favorite summer activities that much easier.

how to start doing yoga

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The benefits of practicing yoga abound, from improving the mind-body connection to reducing stress and anxiety to boosting strength, flexibility and overall mobility. You know what that means? All of those outdoor activities you love jumping into when summer rolls around become that much easier for your body to tackle, making them that much more fun for you.

By adopting a yoga practice in the summer months, you open up an entirely new world of possibilities for yourself. You’ll be able to paddleboard, kayak, swim, hike and bike with confidence because your body will better support you each step of the way.

4. It’s a healthy way to use those summer Fridays and the PTO you saved up in the cold, harsh winter months.

how to start doing yoga

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Seriously, step away from that desk already. You know that long hours logged behind that computer screen only lead to posture problems, tight hips and an increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer. So instead of wasting away indoors while it’s absolutely beautiful outside, take advantage of those summer Friday hours — or take a few personal days altogether — and lean into your new yoga hobby.

Trading some traditional work hours for a yoga class or two can help you refocus on that work-life balance you strive so hard to achieve. Check out a Friday afternoon session, or follow along with a couple of online videos back to back (maybe Vinyasa flow followed by a restorative hour) to stay present, grounded and grateful during your OOO time.

5. Instead of focusing on how you look in a bikini, you connect better with your inner self.

how to start doing yoga

Unsplash/Natalia Figueredo

At the end of the day, a yoga practice isn’t about forming the “perfect posture” with your body or looking like a wellness model in your favorite pair of leggings. It’s about listening to your body, giving it what it craves and noticing how it responds when you do so.

So prioritizing your yoga journey at a time when short shorts are en vogue and sundresses are putting your arms and legs on display for the world to see is one of the best ways to help you maintain perspective. And that perspective will keep you grounded, solidify your healthy body image and help you check self-criticism at the door. There’s no stopping you this summer!


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