Meet The New Wellness Space Tackling Personal Healing In A Revolutionary Way

HealHaus Brooklyn NY


We need to get real with you for a second.

The wellness industry — despite making yoga, meditation and the idea of self-care more popular than ever — has some serious flaws. It still feels homogeneous AF. Just look at your Instagram feed and you’ll know what we mean. It suggests that a certain aesthetic is necessary to evoke a sense of zen (think white everything, minimalist decor and oil diffusers). It’s still not doing a good job of assisting half of the human population — men. And the price points often act as a barrier to entry for those who need it the most.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea: Wellness has a ways to go. And new wellness space HealHaus wants to be an integral part of the industry’s next evolutionary steps.

HealHaus Brooklyn NY


Based in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, HealHaus has a little bit of everything for everyone. The front door opens into a warm and welcoming cafe space offering all sorts of wellness smoothies, elixirs, teas and coffee alternatives. The main indoor event space is ideal for hosting everything from yoga classes to holistic health workshops. The expansive backyard and deck space is perfect for everything from casual gatherings to panel discussions. And the two private practitioner rooms downstairs will bring massage therapists, acupuncturists, reiki specialists, psychotherapists and more to the HealHaus community.

In short, HealHaus proves how healing can (and needs to) come from a wide variety of modalities. Every person experiences trauma differently, but there’s no doubt that everyone has some form of trauma — and they can rebuild and grow from it if provided the right tools and opportunities to do so.

HealHaus Brooklyn NY


That is the core mission of HealHaus co-founders Darian Hall and Elisa Shankle. Through their own life experiences, the good friends-turned-business partners not only diagnosed what the wellness landscape lacks, but also identified their shared passions for doing something about it.

While Hall wants to create a communicative healing space that clearly welcomes men into the conversation, Shankle wants to show how multidimensional wellness is and how adopting several methods of healing can be the key to finding what you’re looking for. And together, they want to acknowledge that with healing comes difficult and uncomfortable conversations that need to be had rather than avoided, which they hope to facilitate with various panel discussion events.

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HealHaus is starting off by offering four daily yoga and meditation classes ($18-20 per single class) beginning May 29, and it’ll continue to build its programming as it grows. It’s also offering donation-based community programming on the weekends to grant access to their healing modalities to anyone who walks in the door — no matter their financial limitations. The hope is to attract wellness veterans and self-care newbies alike, creating a new kind of wellness community that breaks down one stigma after another over time.

Hall and Shankle obviously have their hands full with launching the initial HealHaus location, but the co-founding duo is already talking excitedly about expanding to other cities across the country that have a need for this kind of accessible wellness space. And we can’t wait to see where they decide to go next.


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