This Smokeless Indoor Grill Will Let You Cook Up A Storm All Winter Long

Electric Smokeless Grill


There’s no amount of sauteeing, frying or roasting that’ll give you the same satisfaction as smoky grill marks. Regardless of whether you live in the suburbs or the city, you can usually find a way to grill your veggies, burgers, chicken wings or salmon. But once those temperatures start plunging, there’s a lot more roasting and a lot less grilling. We came across an indoor electric smokeless grill that solves the temperature problem and lets you eat grilled foods deep into the winter season.

The Indoor Electric Smokeless Grill from Gotham Steel has a nonstick ceramic surface so you won’t have to worry about your food clinging to the grates to the same extent. The cooking surface is 14 inches long and 9 inches wide so you can fit your protein and veggies at the same time. It’s also portable and easy to pull apart for cleaning and storage. When it comes to the heat, there’s a temperature dial with four settings: warm, low, medium and high. You can buy the larger version grill online for $60.

Smokeless Electric Grill


Now, the smokeless grill won’t have the exact same intensity as your outdoor grill. But if grilling is your favorite cooking technique, this electric version is worth trying out. You can stay cozy in your sweatpants when it’s snowing without worrying about setting off any smoke detectors. We’re always down for a new appliance that’ll give us the same results with more convenience and less frostbite.


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