Daily Fit 4/12/19: Simple Trick To A Better Memory

simple trick to a better memory

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Wellness Tip Of The Day: Improve your memory by walking backward.

What Science Says: A recent study published in the journal Cognition found that people who walked backward, imagined they were walking backward or even watched a video simulating backward motion had better recall of past events than those who walked forward or sat still. The reason why is still something of a mystery, according to Dr. Daniel Schacter from Harvard University. But it’s possible that people associate going backward with the past and this somehow triggers a memory response. The researchers decided to test the effect of backward movement on memory in the first place because numerous past studies have found links between motion and memory.

Why It Matters: Backward motion could one day be added to existing techniques already in use to improve memory. One such method is called a cognitive interview. The interviewing technique helps people to recall details of a recent event. Interviewers try to get as much accurate information as they can without inducing a false memory by metaphorically walking the person through the event forward and backward. It’s possible that literally walking backward may do something similar in the brain. [Harvard Health]

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