Instagram Announces Shopping Channel In Explore, Plus More Options In Stories

shopping on instagram

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It’s so easy to swipe through your Instagram Stories and shop the items you see from some of your fave brands. From jeans to shoes to tank tops, with a click, you can buy them all. But now, shopping on Instagram is going to get even easier.

On Monday, September 17, Instagram announced new and updated features to its shopping experience within its app. So if you’re all about that double-tap, see-details life, listen up.

You can now shop via Instagram Explore.

Topic channels launched in June, but Instagram is expanding them by adding a brand new Shopping channel. Now, if you want to shop between likes, you can just click over to the Explore section and find a dedicated channel for shopping the brands you follow, plus brands that Instagram thinks you might like.

The Shopping channel rolled out on Monday, September 17, and will expand globally within the next few weeks.

shopping on instagram


Shopping in Instagram Stories is expanding globally.

Shopping in Stories also rolled out in June, and on Monday, September 17, Instagram announced that the feature is now available in 46 more countries. Businesses and fans of even more brands can now sell and shop even more great products with ease.

Both of these announcements came just weeks after Instagram announced new safety features, like letting you learn more about influencer accounts, increased access to verification and two-factor authentication.

With all of these new features, it’s no wonder Instagram now has more than 1 billion users on its platform. What will come next?

[h/t Axios]


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