You Can Now Make Dinner Reservations Through Instagram

Instagram restaurant reservations


There has always been a clear line between the food fantasy world that exists on social media (especially Instagram) and the reality of what sits on our plates. But we all know that scrolling through our feeds, checking out all of our favorite food porn accounts, can inspire some pretty serious cravings.

When those culinary urges strike, we have to navigate to the tagged location and then check out the restaurant’s website separately to place an order. But now, Instagram is rolling out a new feature that makes it — dare we say — seamless for diners to reach out to restaurants directly through the social media platform.

With this upgrade, restaurants will let you make a reservation or order your food for delivery via Insta. This new experience is made possible through partnerships with reservation and food delivery services like OpenTable, Grubhub and Resy. These convenient upgrades will also include more efficient filters on direct message inboxes so customers can have a clearer line of communication to restaurants.

Instagram restaurant reservations


Instagram’s new feature will also make it that much easier for you to try new restaurants on a whim.  You don’t just have to see a picture of a dreamy truffle mac ‘n’ cheese or a spicy bowl of ramen and daydream for hours. You can actually get your hands on it — and quickly.

Honestly, this update could turn your food fantasies into reality, all on one platform. So stop second-guessing your munchies and give your soul what it craves.


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