Why You Might Want To Wear Heels To The Airport

packing heels hack


You might laugh at the girls teetering around in heels in the airport, but they know something you don’t know. It’s a stiletto packing hack.

Here’s the high-heeled deal. Your beautiful pumps, those adorable wedges and especially your heeled boots take up massive amounts of space in your suitcase. And if you’re flying on a budget airline or have a basic economy ticket, space comes at a premium. More and more airlines are actually following through on their carry-on luggage rules, meaning you might truly have to place your bag in one of those little demonstrative cages to see if it’s small enough. Overstuffed suitcases are a no-go.

Our solution? Wear your big ol’ shiny shoes to the airport, slip them off at security, breeze on through and then shove those babies into your baggage once you’re way past check-in. You can lug an overflowing suitcase through the airport easy-peasy.

When you’re about to board your flight, slip back into those stylish shoes and trot on down the aisle. But make sure you have some slippers for the duration of the flight. (In the tiny chance of an onboard emergency, you don’t want to be wearing heels.) So you’re complying with luggage rules and looking damn good as you stroll to your seat. And who knows who you’ll meet on a plane? Dress to impress, friends.

packing heels hack

Unsplash/Photos by Lanty

A word to the wise: This hack only works if your shoes don’t hurt you from the moment you put them on. If walking a few steps or standing in a check-in line in your heels is going to give you blisters, skip it. Seriously, lovelies, please don’t hurt your feet like this. Bad high heels have all sorts of health risks for your body. In the short term, there are pinched toes and blisters, but in the long run, think bunions, back pain and super tight hamstrings. These things can even happen when you’re wearing the comfiest heels around. We’re pro heels for a special occasion or a short-term pack hack, but make sure you’re buying decent pumps to ensure minimal bodily damage.

And before you think we’re making up fashionista nonsense, we have worn heels to the airport and our feet lived to tell the tale. We get it if clomping around the airport a couple of inches taller is your idea of torture. We see you and support your flat-footed packing preferences. But if you’re a pal who likes to rock heels, we’d suggest testing them out on a travel day. P.S. Just think of all the extra outfit options you can fit inside your suitcase now that you don’t have to Tetris in those five-inch wedges.


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