6 Ways To Be Comfy-Cozy On A Plane Without Feeling Like A Complete Slob

what to wear on a plane


You may have heard rumors about how to get an upgrade on your flight — people say it’s all about how you look. You’re not going to get a chance at the first-class upgrade if you look like a disheveled mess. But at the same time, that first-class ticket isn’t worth wearing high heels and pearls to the airport. So here are five tips for being comfy-cozy on a plane, even on your most travel-worn day, that don’t leave you looking like a total slob.

1. Wear all black.

Black clothes are chic. It’s the easiest way to look completely put together while not actually putting major effort into an outfit. A monochrome black look will negate any travel muss — because you can’t be a slob in black on black on black.

2. Bring a big scarf.

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If you’re lucky enough to get a blanket for your flight, it’s usually pretty coarse and decidedly not cozy. But thankfully, gigantic scarves are available at any store near you and they are basically blankets. Wear it through the airport, stuff it in a purse and then spread it out in your seat for ultimate comfiness.

3. Choose flexible shoes.

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So there are mixed reviews on folks taking off their shoes on airplanes. Some people are pro, some people are anti and some people are literal devils who chill barefoot in the seat next to you, wiggling their toes for the entirety of a transatlantic flight. You can avoid the sock shenanigans by choosing flexible, breathable flats or even slippers or moccasins for your flight shoe.

4. Do your hair.

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You don’t have to curl it. You don’t have to straighten it. But do something with your hair. Braids are great for travel since they’ll keep your hair out of your face for the flight and look super cute in transit. They’ll also save you the trip to the bathroom post-flight to make sure you’re not a giant bedhead.

5. Trade leggings for wide-legged pants.

Culottes and palazzo pants are your friends for flights if you’re worried about wearing leggings. Certain destinations aren’t accustomed to the leggings-as-pants life (although, personally, we love that life). Some nice, loose, wide-legged pants will save your legs the bother of jeans while also giving your skin room to breathe on a long flight.

6. Be low-key matching.

It just takes two matching items to create a coherent outfit. Just two complementary colors (if you can’t go the all-black route) will make you look less haphazard even if you literally rolled out of bed and ran to the airport.


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