You’ll Be Thrilled To Have These 6 Non-Necessities In Your Suitcase

non necessities packing list

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If you’re like us, you plan out your vacation outfits wayyy in advance. You wanna get those vacay pics looking as fab as your favorite bloggers’ on the ‘gram, right? But even if you’re perfectly stocked with clothes, makeup and shoes, there are some items worth throwing in your bag just to be safe. Sometimes you don’t know you need something until you need it.

1. Stain Pen

Are you planning on wearing white pants on your trip? Do your hands get a little shaky on your second cup of delicious espresso? Is a heaping scoop of gelato on your must-eat list? Then, friend, you need a stain pen in your bag. It would be tragic if you ruined your best outfit on your first day of traveling. Grab a Tide To Go and keep it handy (just pack it in your quart-sized liquids bag if you’re flying). Better safe than sorry!

2. Vitamin C

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Airplanes are disgusting. And secretly, airports are even worse. Germs are everywhere. So if you feel a sniffle coming on, you’ll be relieved to already have an added boost of Vitamin C on your person without the struggle of locating a pharmacy on the road. Emergen-C for the win.

3. Dry Shampoo

We’re gonna level with you here. Sometimes you don’t shower as often as ya should while traveling. You might have a long travel day where a shampoo just doesn’t happen in time to prevent some serious transportation grime. So a mini bottle of dry shampoo could stave off true ickiness. (Just make sure it fits inside your liquid/gel/aerosol baggie if you’re traveling by plane.)

4. Foam Roller

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Active vacations are all the rage right now. Whether you’re going on a Bali yoga retreat, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or simply wandering cobblestoned streets, your muscles are going to get a workout. That’s why we’d suggest finding a miniature foam roller to add to your suitcase. You’ll thank us when your quads are screaming after a day of fun.

6. An Extra Plain Black T-Shirt

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Yeah yeah, plain black tees are boring. So not what you want for your vacation look. However, if something bad happens to your precious planned outfits (sweat, tears, stains that can’t be fixed with a pen), you’ll have a backup shirt to pair with jeans, culottes or, honestly, anything.


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