Daily Fit 5/2/19: Overcome Your Fitness Plateau

overcome your fitness plateau

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Workout Tip Of The Day: Get Better Results From Your Workouts By Doing The Exercises That You Hate.

What Science Says: When you start a new workout plan, the most noticeable results in how you look and feel will likely come within the first couple of months. But after this honeymoon phase wears off, there’s a change. You might notice that your old workout isn’t producing results as fast or as effectively as it did when you first started it or, in some cases, you may even feel like your progress is at a total standstill. If this sounds familiar, you’re likely experiencing a fitness plateau, which usually happens because of your body’s impressive ability to adapt to stress and change (i.e. your workouts) which makes them less effective. One powerful, yet maybe not so pleasant, trick to get your workout mojo back and start seeing results again is to actually do the exercises that you hate the most.

Why It Works: If you hate pushups or squats because you find them tough and painful, chances are that you rarely do them even though you know that they’re great for you. But actually leaning into these exercises when you’re experiencing a fitness plateau can give your body a new challenge that will catapult it out of its stagnant state and back into progress mode. What’s more, it’ll make your workout routine more well-rounded and help you target those muscles that usually don’t get a lot of love. [Swirled]

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“I don’t have a scale; I’m not big on measurements. Until a person looks in the mirror and is happy with themselves, you have not reached your fitness goals.”

— Gunnar Peterson

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