8 Natural Remedies For Nausea

natural nausea remedies


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Regardless of whether you’re expecting, on your period or just seriously stressed out, nausea is no joke. The sensation can be entirely overwhelming and beyond uncomfortable, and when it wants to stick around, you’re pretty much down for the count. Luckily, there are a bunch of natural nausea remedies you can lean into for quick (and inexpensive) relief. Just take your pick of the methods below and see which one works best for you.

1. Reach for peppermint oil.

All you have to do is snag a little bottle of the essential oil and take a nice, long, deep inhale through your nose. Within minutes, the aromatherapy will take effect, reducing your nausea symptoms substantially. And because you’re not physically applying the oil, the bottle will last you forever.

natural nausea remedies


2. Stock up on citrus.

Studies have found that citrus — especially lemon and especially for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness — can quickly reduce nausea symptoms. Just slice the fruit and inhale its aroma (or grab a bottle of lemon essential oil for when you’re traveling and not always within arm’s reach of the fresh fruit).

3. Spice up your food with cinnamon.

If you’re experiencing menstruation-related nausea, try adding a little cinnamon to your next meal and see if makes a difference. It should help lessen the severity of your symptoms (as well as balance your blood sugar levels at the same time). Plus, its flavor and aroma are both naturally comforting.

natural nausea remedies


4. Take deep breaths.

Ah, breathing. It’s free, it’s an essential part of life and it can soothe nausea inspired by stress or anxiety. Simply inhale for a count of three, hold your breath for a count of three, exhale for a count of three and repeat. This deep, intentional breathing exercise can tame your queasiness in no time.

5. Pop a vitamin B6 supplement.

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, has been known to help a lot of people ailed by nausea. The best part? If it doesn’t end up alleviating your symptoms, you’re still giving your body an important nutritional boost in the process. Plus, you can take it in gummy formScore.

natural nausea remedies


6. Use a cold compress.

Soaking a small towel in chilled water and placing it on the back of your neck can also help soothe nausea, especially when it’s related to being dehydrated or feeling overheated. Make it even more effective by using a drop or two of that peppermint or lemon essential oil on the towel.

7. Try acupressure on your wrist.

Interestingly enough, applying pressure to a certain point on your wrist can help reduce feelings of nausea within two to three minutes. Simply follow along with this video to find a point between the two tendons on the inside of your arm a few inches below your wrist and rub it in a circular motion.

natural nausea remedies


8. Eat some ginger.

Here we go — the classic natural remedy! Ginger has been known for centuries as an effective nausea fighter, so add a chunk of the fresh root to some tea or a smoothie, chew on a piece of ginger candy or drink some ginger ale made with real ginger (read that label carefully). You’ll be feeling better in no time.

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