You Can Fly To Nairobi And The African Serengeti For $650

nairobi flight deal

Unsplash/Jeff Lemond

It’s time to visit a new continent. Euro travel might be all the rage due to a giant price war in low-cost trans-Atlantic travel, but we’re eyeing this crazy $650 flight deal to Nairobi, Kenya.

Yes, that’s right. You can get to Africa for about half the price of what we usually see to get to the continent.

Nairobi is known for its access to safari launch points, such as Serengeti National Park in next-door Tanzania. But the city itself is famous for its gigantic mall, multicultural food and animal experiences even within the city limits.

The deal is fairly open-ended, with cheap tickets running from October to December. That’s the end of safari season, meaning you can catch glimpses of your favorite animals in their natural habitats. The wet season begins at the end of November, but the rainy season is also when things turn a beautiful green in the Serengeti.

nairobi flight deal

Unsplash/Tobin Rogers

From New York: $630

It’s a bit roundabout, but you can fly from NYC to Nairobi on October 30 and return on November 8. There’s a 14-hour layover in Amsterdam on the way there (long enough to have some fun in the ‘Dam) and a short one on the way back, but all very doable to make it to Nairobi.

From Washington, D.C.: $650

The D.C. itinerary also includes a day in Amsterdam on the way from D.C. on November 8. On the return journey, there’s an overnight stop in Amsterdam from November 17 to 18.

From Los Angeles: $781

Yes, it’s pretty expensive, but you’re flying literally around the globe to go from California to Kenya. This flight gives you nearly two weeks in Nairobi, leaving on October 10 and returning October 22.

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