If You Want To Get Cozy With Giraffes, Giraffe Manor Is Your Spot


Forget safaris from afar, this Kenyan boutique hotel welcomes giraffes right up to your door or window. Giraffe Manor near Nairobi, Kenya is a stunning mansion with courtyards, gardens and 12 acres of private giraffe habitat.

The hotel’s undeniable highlight is feeding the giraffes from your breakfast table.

You’ve definitely seen this seen all over Instagram.

You can also take a guided walk in the giraffe sanctuary.

And see how the animals spend their days after breakfast.

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Or you can learn more about the species at the Giraffe Center.

The giraffes at the manor are Rothchild’s giraffes.

The giraffes aren’t herded into hanging out with guests.

They roam freely around the sanctuary.

But this means they live happy lives without humans telling them what to do.

Besides suggesting they pose a little prettier for that prime Insta shot.

It’s not cheap to hang with the giraffes.

Rooms start at $565 per person.

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