This Is Peak Travel Season Everywhere You Want To Go


The bummer about going someplace when it’s the most beautiful is that everyone else also wants to experience the gorgeous weather. And that means prices spike. So whether you want to go for the high season or avoid it, this is when peak season hits in the coolest destinations around the world.

Here’s when to visit different spots on the globe when it’s sunshiney summer.



United Kingdom: June, July and August

Central Europe: July and August

Balkans and Eastern Europe: July and August

Caucuses: May to September

North America


Alaska and Canada: June, July and August

Continental U.S.: May to August

Hawaii: April to September

Caribbean: December to April

Mexico: December to April

Central and South America


Costa Rica: November to April

Chile: December, January and February

Argentina: December, January and February

Bolivia: May to October


  • Coast: January
  • Mountains and jungle: May to September

Brazil: December to March

Colombia: December, January and February

Middle East and Africa


Jordan/Israel/Lebanon: June to August

Northern Africa: October to March

Western Africa: October to May

Central Africa: June to September

Eastern Africa: June to March (excluding November)

Southern Africa: May to October



Thailand: November to March


  • North: October, November and December
  • Central: February to May
  • South: December to May

Laos: November, December and January

Myanmar: November to February

Philipines: November to April

Indonesia: April to October

China: May to August

Japan: May and August

India: December to March

Australia and New Zealand:


Australia: December, January and February

New Zealand: December to March

Ready to start planning?

Now, as much as we love some summer sun, there are plenty of reasons to aim for the shoulder season or even off-season travel. (Uh, snow, for one.) So pick the season that’s right for you, even if it’s not the popular tourist time.