From Sightseeing To Sipping Sangria, These Are The Must-See Spots In Barcelona

must see spots in barcelona

Unsplash/Daniel Corneschi

Barcelona is famous for its art and leisurely cafe scene to the point where it might be tough to leave the drinks behind and hit the museums, but we think it’s possible to balance both. Here are 10 must-dos in the Spanish, from sipping sangria at street cafes to soaking up all the masterpieces scattered throughout the city.

1. Check out Las Ramblas.

The biggest tourist area in Barcelona is Las Ramblas, and while it is admittedly a bit of a tourist trap if you fall into buying trinkets or a meal, the Cafe de l’Opera and La Boqueria food market are still worth a peek.

2. Visit the Gothic Quarter.

Located right next to Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter is the spot to begin your Barcelona shopping spree, as well as wander through quaint alleyways and marvel at grand plazas.

must see spots in barcelona

Unsplash/Erwan Hesry

3. Wander Parc Guell.

Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces are on prime display in this enormous park. Keep an eye out for his signature tile work in bright disorganized colors. Art Nouveau fans will be out of their minds.

4. Tour the Picasso Museum.

Pablo Picasso was deeply connected to Barcelona, and that’s one of the reasons why 4,251 pieces of his work reside here in the Picasso Museum.

must see spots in barcelona


5. Sample some tapas.

The classic Barcelona tapas include bombas (spiced meat and potato croquettes), jamón ibérico (cured ham), and pan tumaca (garlic bread with tomato sauce). You can grab some good ones at El 58, Gata Mala, Bar de Pla or Bar Cañete.

6. See La Sagrada Familia.

The infamously unfinished cathedral designed by Gaudi is an awe-inspiring sight from the outside, due to its imposingly Gothic exterior, to the inside, for its stained glass and intricately carved ceilings.

must see spots in barcelona

Unsplash/Danil Sorokin

7. Visit Casa Milà and Casa Batlló.

If Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia didn’t satisfy your inner architecture nerd, check out these trippy buildings also designed by Gaudi.

8. Eat paella.

Barcelona’s famous rice dish is filled with seafood, chorizo sausage and vegetables. Don’t dine on paella at restaurants with photos on the menus — stick to spots la  La Mar Salada, Set Portes and Elche.

must see spots in barcelona

Unsplash/Joel Tasche

9. Climb to Jardins del Turó de la Rovira.

For a panoramic view of the city, climb to the Bunkers del Carmel in the Jardins del Turó de la Rovira. It’s a 360-degree view of the city and the best spot to take it all in.

10. Drink sangria.

Drastically different from the sugary stuff of your young college days, Spanish sangria is a classic cocktail here. Try a glass at Casa Lolea, Bar Oviso or Tickets.


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