13 Percent Of Recent Hires Say Their Job Search Took Longer Than 6 Months

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How long has looking for a job taken you? Recent data from Clutch shows that 13% of full-time employees say their job search took longer than six months.

The company also reports that “only 41 percent of workers seeking technical roles apply to 5 or fewer jobs, signaling tougher competition for companies,” and that “only 1 percent of recent hires accepted a job after more than 6 months of interviews.”

In terms of how the research was carried out, Clutch polled 507 full-time, adult, American workers who began a new position over the last six months.

Here’s how long it’s taken Americans to look for a job.

Check out the breakdown:

  • “Less than 1 month:” 30 percent
  • “1-2 months:” 28 percent
  • “3-4 months:” 20 percent
  • “5-6 months:” 10 percent
  • “More than 6 months:” 13 percent

The report notes that “once a recruiting process exceeds 1 to 2 months, it’s increasingly likely that a candidate has already accepted another offer from a company that simply moved faster.”

How many jobs people apply for each time they look for a job.

Most apply to two, three, four or five of them, but some apply to many more:

  • 1: 19 percent
  • 2-5: 33 percent
  • 6-10: 21 percent
  • 11-20: 11 percent
  • 21-40: 8 percent
  • 40+: 8 percent

How Americans feel about the nature of interviews.

job search process

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Respondents said that these are the ways it impacts what they think of a company:

  • “Strongly:” 40 percent
  • “Somewhat:” 30 percent
  • “Slightly:” 21 percent
  • “Not at all:” 9 percent

Here’s how long interviewing takes.

Most people surveyed said that it didn’t take longer than two weeks:

  • “Less than 2 weeks:” 43 percent
  • “2-3 weeks:” 26 percent
  • “1-2 months:” 19 percent
  • “3-4 months:” 8 percent
  • “5 or more months:” 4 percent

Similarly, prior research from Comparably has found that 63 percent of tech workers get a response from an employer within seven days of an interview.


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