Poll Reveals America’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

ice cream Statistics


National Ice Cream Month is upon us and National Ice Cream Day is right around the corner on Sunday, July 15. Therefore, we have all the excuses (as if we need them)¬†to chow down on all things ice cream-related. And if there’s one thing Americans can agree on, it’s got to be this creamy cold dessert.

A poll conducted by YouGov.com¬†recently revealed America’s favorite ice cream flavor to be none other than classic chocolate. Surprising? Not exactly, but we’re just happy it wasn’t sherbet.

America’s second favorite flavor is vanilla, followed by butter pecan, cookies ‘n’ cr√®me, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberry, pistachio, rocky road, chocolate chip and cake batter. With age factored in, people between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer cookies ‘n’ creme and chocolate chip cookie dough, while people ages 55 and up are more likely to choose butter pecan and vanilla.

And let’s not forget¬†the toppings! America’s favorite topping is hot fudge, followed by nuts, chocolate syrup, Oreo crumbles and sprinkles.

ice cream Statistics


According to the new data, 96 percent of Americans eat ice cream, which is pretty surprising given the number of vegans and lactose intolerant people out there.¬†What’s even more surprising is that 69 percent of Americans said they would choose regular ice cream over low-calorie alternatives any day.

It’s officially time to stock up on your favorite chocolate pints!


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