9 Ice Cream Sandwiches That Are Borderline Arousing


Ice cream sandwiches bring us back to a time of sweet childhood and hot summers. We’re always down with the classic dessert, but the best ice cream sandwiches have unexpected twists on the original. Here are nine of the best:

1. This ultimate ice cream sandwich cake is unreal.

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2. This rice cracker matcha ice cream sandwich is the ultimate treat for green tea lovers.

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3. Dō cookie dough ice cream sandwiches are actual perfection.

4. Churro ice cream sandwiches should literally be banned because otherwise we will eat them all.

5. An almond croissant ice cream sandwich is the perfect pick-me-up.

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6. We can’t get over this Neapolitan pop tart ice cream sandwich.

7. Banana bread ice cream sandwich? Are you kidding?

8. These macaroon ice cream sandwiches are bougie AF, and we LOVE it.

9. And — we cannot make this up — this is a bacon ice cream sandwich.