Your Body Can Sense When The Weather Is Going To Change

how to predict the weather

Unsplash/Jon Ly

If you’re genuinely connected with your intuition, you’re very familiar with those funny little vibes it sends you on a regular basis. They might take the form of a heart flutter, a stomach churn or a sudden need to shift your focus, but they’re hard to miss. And while we often chock their powers up to coincidental timing, there’s more to it than that. The human body can actually sense when change is afoot, like when a thunderstorm is about to blow through.

Thanks to something in the science world known as pre-cognition, we have the ability to anticipate near-future events without realizing we’re doing it and without any evidence to suggest the sudden shift is coming. A 2012 review of several studies explored how this clairvoyant-like behavior works and found that it’s surprisingly common. A fair number of people “just know” when something is about to happen. Another study even found that the heart rate quickens just moments before these events occur without any mental recognition on the participant’s part.

how to predict the weather


If our bodies can predict changes ahead of time without sensory cues, it makes total sense that we can tell something is about to happen when those cues are present. Take the weather, for example. We see a dark cloud, we smell the metallic humidity in the air, and we instinctually deduce, “Oh, it’s going to rain soon.” Current understandings of biology can’t fully explain why this anticipatory effect occurs — it just knows that it does.

And honestly, for now, that’s good enough for us. We’ll continue leaning into “déjà vu” exclamations and being proud that our intuitive connection with the world surrounding us is on point. Because to be able to connect the present to the future at all is pretty damn cool.


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