Daily Fit 07/29/2019: What stress does to your body

health impact of stress

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Health Tip Of The Day: Stress can be just as damaging to your health as a poor diet. You need to address both problems for a healthier lifestyle.

The health impacts of stress vs. a poor diet.

It comes as no surprise that a chocolate-covered donut won’t help your health, but what about spending overtime in your office trying to juggle a million (and one) projects? While the health impacts of a poor diet and high stress levels differ, they can be equally damaging to your skin, heart health, sleep cycle, energy levels, stomach, immune system and weight.

Simple” solutions for a lifestyle of high-stress and poor diet.

A good start is to double down on your diet. Fill your fridge with whole grains, fruits and vegetables and avoid processed snacks packed with sugar and unhealthy fats. A healthy diet is a sure way to boost your health, but sloughing off stress can be a bit more challenging. We suggest incorporating meditation into your daily routine to reduce cortisol levels. [Swirled]

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