This Company Preserves Your Cells Now So You Can Be Healthier Later In Life

GoodCell kit

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When wellness is at the forefront of your mind, healthy aging isn’t far behind, right? We all buy into the expensive eye creams, youthful glow sheet masks, collagen supplements and more to preserve every ounce of our present selves we can. But now, science is stepping in — and in a big way — to make the healthy aging experience a reality further down the line.

GoodCell, the latest health kit on the market, saves your live, viable cells now and preserves them so that they can be there to help restore your health when you’re older. After collecting your plasma, cells and DNA, the company cryopreserves your biology (think Han Solo being cryogenically frozen in carbonite) in an FDA-registered facility until you need to use them. It’s like a sci-fi movie, but real.

We spoke with Trevor Perry, the CEO and founder of LifeVault Bio (the company behind GoodCell) to better understand how the cell preservation process works and why someone would want to invest in his or her personal health in this manner. Needless to say, it’s fascinating stuff.

“Saving your plasma when you’re young provides a unique opportunity to benchmark your health when you are least likely to be affected by disease,” Perry said. “This healthy benchmark can then potentially be used to help diagnose the onset of disease faster later in life when you are most likely to be affected. Ultimately, the goal is to save your healthiest cells, so the younger you are when you store them, the better.”

Science suggests that blood health begins to decline in your early thirties or late forties. That said, it’s never too late to preserve your current cells for your future self’s benefit. The folks at GoodCell just require that you be at least 18 years old to use one of their kits.

GoodCell kit

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According to Perry, healthier cells hold the greatest potential to fight aging and treat disease.

“As we age, so do our cells,” he said. “Over time our body is constantly making more and more cells. As we make more and more cells, we increase our chances of accumulating damage in our genes, which could lead to disease or reduce our ability to fight off disease. Having a banked sample of your cells before this damage has occurred could be the key to a healthier future for you.”

When properly cryopreserved, your cells can remain viable for decades (yes, decades), so they’ll be ready to come to your aid when you need them most. At that point in time, you just request a distribution of your cells to an approved facility near you for further storage, analysis or even use in a medical treatment you need.

“Cells contained within the stored sample are currently being used or evaluated via clinical trials for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a variety of neurological disorders,” said Perry. “Our scientific advisory board, consisting of the top stem cell scientists and physicians in the world, are focused on how to use these cells and stored biology (DNA and plasma) to potentially diagnose and treat disease.”

GoodCell definitely doesn’t come cheap. The kit, which includes a medical-grade collection kit, phlebotomy, processing, cryopreserving and one year of storage in LifeVault Bio’s FDA-registered facility, costs $995. And every additional year of storage, which comes with a membership that keeps you informed on all things related to regenerative medicine, costs $95.

But hey, that’s what investing in your life-long health looks like.


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