Friday Fluff 07/05/2019: These pups enjoyed the 4th!

Golden retriever puppy


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Say hello to the cutest dogs of the week! These adorable dogs enjoyed their Fourth of July picnics.

Snoopy Choo, Golden Dox, 7 Months Old

Golden Dox

Fun fact: Snoopy Choo snores whenever and wherever she sleeps.

Did you know? A Golden Dox is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Dachshund. These “designer dogs” are incredibly high-energy, friendly and intelligent. Other very rare Dachshund mixes include the Dorgi (Dachshund and Corgi mix), the Pithund (Dachshund and Pit Bull mix) and the German Shephund (German Shepherd and Pit Bull mix). Click through and see for yourself. [BuzzFeed]

Truffles, Toy Poodle, 12 Years Old

toy poodle
Krista Corrao

Fun fact: Truffles loves lettuce, Ina Garten, pastina and car rides. He’s not a fan of the vacuum and is super protective of his mommy. His favorite Fourth of July food is corn on the cob.

Did you know? For many dogs, the vacuum is the most frightening thing in the house. The noise of this household cleaner is usually what scares pups the most. Remember that dogs hear a frequency range of 40 to 60,000 hertz while the range of humans is between 20 and 20,000 hertz. So if you think the vacuum is loud and annoying, it’s a lot worse for your four-legged friend. [PetGuide]

Sammy, Golden Retriever, 8 Months Old

Golden retriever puppy

Fun fact: Sammy loves the bathtub and hiking. He’s known for his silky coat that evokes jealousy from other doggos wherever he goes.

Did you know? The famous golden, silky coat of Golden Retrievers requires some maintenance. These pups shed regularly, so they need to be brushed at a minimum once a week. Groomers usually recommend using a pin brush to groom a Golden. These brushes prove useful for working through the mats of loose hair in medium to long coated dogs. [The Happy Puppy Site]

“Sometimes you just have to lie on the floor with your dog.”


Did You Know?

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