Dunkin’ Donuts And Harpoon Brewery Are Releasing A Porter-Style Beer This Fall

Dunkin Donuts Porter Beer


Two of the most well known Boston-based beverage companies, Harpoon Brewery and Dunkin’ Donuts, are collaborating in a malty way. That’s right, they’re bringing us coffee with a boozy boost. Harpoon Brewery and the international coffee chain are brewing up a Dunkin’ Coffee Porter this fall.

Set to be released between late October and early November, the Dunkin’ porter-style beer will have a roasted, smooth and malty taste with a dark chocolate and espresso aroma. The dark beer will have an ABV of 6 percent, and it’ll be bottled and canned in 12-ounce containers. You can expect familiar branding with Dunkin’s classic pink and orange font.

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The coffee porter will be widely available starting this fall. Loyal fans of the coffee chain with a soft spot for Guinness will be all over this new collaboration. We personally can’t wait for all of the cider donuts and Dunkin’ beer once the leaves start to change.


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