Tea Beer Is A Thing And It’s Way Sweeter Than Your Average Pint

For anyone who has trouble deciding between tea and beer when it comes to a nightcap, the two worlds have just overlapped in the best way. Enter: Tea beer.

While tea beer hasn’t become a widespread trend yet, breweries have been experimenting with tea as a primary ingredient in beer, and the results are sweeter than your average pint.

Most recently, The Bruery — located in Orange County, California — designed a beer that Earl Grey tea lovers can get excited about. The brewery collaborated with “Top Chef” winner Brooke Williamson to create the beer and name it Girl Grey.

The Belgian-style ale has sweet ribbons of almond flavor and lactose, which are balanced by the piquantness of the Earl Grey tea. Girl Grey has an ABV of 8.5 percent with a flavor profile of sweetened tea that you can actually taste.

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Pioneer Left Hand Brewing Co. created a Chai Milk Stout Nitro with an aromatic chai tea spice blend, and Stone Brewing created a Japanese Green Tea IPA made with whole-leaf green tea imported from Japan. Marz Community Brewing also has a double wheat pale ale called Boogie Nights, which is brewed with herbal rooibos tea. Even Milwaukee Brewing Co. makes a wheat beer called O-Gii that’s infused with chamomile and green tea.

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Tea beer could introduce a whole new demographic to the beer world as certain sweet, floral and spicy notes become more mainstream. We know we could easily be convinced to switch out our cup of tea for a pint of beer any day.


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