9 Cool Jobs You Can Apply For Right Now

cool job openings

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When it comes to your career, a fun job can make the hours fly by. Instead of watching the clock, counting down the minutes until you can go home, you’ll be impressing your boss well before the day is done. If you’re looking for a something like that, consider these cool job openings, which are taking applications right now.

1. Hershey’s Taste Tester — Hershey, Pennsylvania

Love chocolate? Well if you’ve got “excellent tasting skills,” then this job’s for you. It’s part-time, too, so you might be able to use it as your side hustle. Even better, you don’t even need a college degree in order to apply. If you live near the Sweetest Place On Earth, don’t miss out on submitting your resume.

2. Pet Caregiver — New York, New York

If your best friend is furry, then this job might just be what you’re looking for. Responsibilities include feeding, cleaning and medicating pets, as well as performing an inventory of products, filing paperwork and more. The best part? Supporting the kitten nursery. And with a full benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision and more, you’ll feel secure at this company for a long time.

Pro Tip: This particular job may be located in New York, but look for similar ones in your area if you’re not on the East Coast. Pet caregiver roles are sure to be available at local shelters all over the U.S.

3. Book Reader — Remote

book reader job

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Books are an amazing way to escape reality. If you’re looking for a cool side gig that pays you in free books, then this role as a book reader might be perfect for you. All you have to do is request a free book from an author and then give honest feedback after you read it. It might not pay actual money, but if you love to books, then it’s a great way to always have something to read on hand.

4. VR Simulation Systems Operator And Game Tester — New York, New York

One requirement for this job is to be a “passionate gamer.” If that sounds like you, then apply ASAP to enjoy a flexible schedule of testing out virtual reality hardware and playing games for free. The commitment is just 20 hours a week, too, so if you’re looking for a part-time job and love technology, it might just be a match made in heaven.

5. College Music Influencer — Remote

If you’re still in school and tend to be the one running the playlist during group study sessions or parties, then check this out. As a Warner Music U College Influencer, you could get paid to create online content around artists and music, meet musicians, give feedback on music trends among your peers and more. Applications are open for the spring of 2019 right now, so don’t wait.

6. Fit Model — New York, New York

Love clothes? You could be the one who gets to try them on first before they hit store shelves. As a fit model, you’re required to give feedback on the way clothes fit. For this particular job, the company’s looking for a female who wears a size 8. If you meet the requirements, you could end up being paid to wear iconic brands before everyone else.

Pro Tip: Fit models can wear all different sizes, so keep an eye out for openings that you might qualify for of this one isn’t the right fit!

7. Traveling Fitness Instructor — Remote

traveling fitness instructor

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If you’re looking to grow as a fitness instructor and a traveler, then this role’s for you. Sign up to teach yoga, barre, CrossFit, boot camp and more to a group of people experiencing a new country. Trips are often five nights with a flight that’s no more than five hours, or two or more weeks with flights over six hours. Just commit to the trip, plan your class schedule, invite people to travel with you and then get paid for every person who signs up. You get to travel completely free, too.

8. Voice Over Specialist — Remote

Put your voice to work from the comfort of your own home. Through Covoco, you can sign up, submit an audition tape of your voice and then start working with clients around the world. Your voice could be featured in videos for different products and services. So if you think you’ve got a great voice, sign up and get your side hustle on.

9. Matchmaker — Various Locations

Love love? Consider working as a matchmaker in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. or another city in the U.S. and help singles find their life partners. Good listeners and people persons are encouraged to apply. Plus, you’ll enjoy awesome benefits like medical, dental and vision, plus unlimited paid time off.


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