Chobani Is Rolling Out A Squeezable Sour Cream Alternative

Chobani Squeezable Greek Yogurt


Chobani is rolling out an adult version of Go-Gurt and we’re pretty excited. Chobani’s new squeezable yogurt, dubbed Chobani Savor, is designed to look like a condiment. The squeezable Greek yogurt offers consumers a healthier alternative to sour cream for all of your taco, chili, salad dressing, marinade and baked potato needs.

The squeezable Greek yogurt will be available in both low-fat plain (2 percent milk fat) and whole milk plain (5 percent milk fat). Each container will retail for around $3. Chobani’s latest yogurt invention has 75 percent less fat than your average sour cream so you can add a layer of creaminess to your food without worrying about all of the fat.

Chobani Squeezable Greek Yogurt


Unlike your average tub of Chobani with a plastic lid, these squeezable bottles are easy to shake up when the yogurt starts to separate and convenient to take on the go. The Chobani Savor line will be available in the coming weeks at all retail locations that already sell the Greek yogurt brand. In the meantime, you can find both varieties of Chobani Savor through AmazonFresh.

It looks like Chobani is about to take over the condiment market. We’re ready to channel our inner Go-Gurt lover for this one.


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