These Are The Tech Trends You Need To Know From CES 2019

ces 2019


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, and it’s been far from disappointing. Now on it’s last day, CES has showed us technology like every type of reality for gamers (augmented and virtual to name a few) to the not-so-futuristic autonomous vehicle. Of course, since there’s so much, we couldn’t possibly talk about (or understand) it all. Instead, here are our picks for the awesome tech trends, gadgets and devices from CES 2019.


Whether you’re jet setting to the Swiss Alps for a ski vacation or just need to fly overnight to a new city for a work meeting, CES 2019 showcased a ton of new gadgets and devices for people who travel. Here are a few products we found particularly interesting at CES:

  1. ROVER SPEED. If you’re in the market for a new suitcase (and can afford it), why not get one that wheels itself around the airport? It’s got artificial intelligence (AI) technology, connects to your smartphone for easy control, built-in power bank and more.
  2. Table4One App. When you’re away on business all by yourself, eating alone in your hotel can get a bit boring. This free app will connect you with other like-minded travelers looking to enjoy a meal with someone new. It’s great for networking in a new city.
  3. Snowcookie. For the serious skier, or just the newbie looking to improve, Snowcookie is the wearable ski tracker that gives you feedback on your speed, body position, stamina, style and more.
  4. Nommi. Don’t pay for data roaming in other countries. Noomi is the smart router that wireless charging that’ll connect you to over 4 million WiFi networks worldwide, while also protecting your data.
  5. Cylo Cannonball. The waterproof, floatable Bluetooth speaker is new and improved. Take it with you wherever you go to enjoy music, podcasts and more.
  6. Wicked Audio. Can you ever have too many wireless earbuds or headphones when you’re traveling? We didn’t think so.
  7. Jetson. Scooters, hover boards, skateboards, bikes and more, Jetson offers electric and eco-friendly rides for anyone on-the-go.


ces 2019 chris car assistant


From flying to self-driving, vehicles are getting some serious upgrades over the next few years. The technology is here and being tested, as we saw at CES 2019. Here are five vehicles and devices we found pretty awesome:

  1. AutoX. So we already get take-out delivered to our homes thanks to Uber Eats, Seamless and other companies, but what if it was brought by a self-driving car? It could be the future with AutoX. Currently in pilot mode in San Jose, California, AutoX uses AI software so that its vehicles can make smart decisions.
  2. Chris. Say hello to your new digital car assistant. Chris can be installed in any vehicle and works offline to help you navigate your directions, control music, answer calls and more. You can even control it with a simple wave of the hand.
  3. Pal-V Liberty. Imagine this: You’re driving down the road one minute and then take flight in the same vehicle the next. With the Pal-V Liberty flying car, it could very much be possible in the near future.
  4. Valeo Drive4U Remote. Valeo Drive4U technology allows operators to take control of vehicles from remote locations so that drivers can get help on the road when they need it.
  5. Bmmpr. Keep your car safe with Bmmpr, the smart alarm for cars. It sends alerts to your phone within six seconds if something has disrupted your vehicle.

Personal Health And Safety

CES 2019 really upped its game with technology that can help us improve our personal health and safety. From smart wearables to devices for our homes and cars, here are a few that really stood out to us this year:

  1. Nurture Watch. If you’ve got an elderly or special needs relative who you often worry about, the Nurture Watch can help ease your mind. It has GPS tracking, two-way communication, fall detection and more.
  2. Smartbeat. New moms can probably testify that you often worry about your baby when they sleep. With Smartbeat, you’ll be able to monitor your little one via video, as well as through a breathing device.
  3. Urgonight Headband. Train your brain so you sleep better by wearing this device a few times per week. It takes an EEG of your brain and then presents the data to you on a screen that then helps train your brain to act in a certain manner.
  4. SyncThink. With this technology, a simple VR headset can diagnose brain impairments in just 60 seconds.
  5. Meersens. Evaluate the UV light, pesticides, gluten microwaves and more that you’re exposed to daily with Meersens capsules and phone app.
  6. Fine Dust Eater. Air pollution is a problem, and the dust that’s generated from vehicle breaks is a contributing factor. With the Fine Dust Eater device strapped to your car or placed outside your home, you can help reduce the amount of toxic dust that enters the air.
  7. Aura Air. Purify your indoor air with this new system, which filters and disinfects through a five-stage process.


ces 2019 trustbox


From new home alarms and a bed that will rock you to sleep to a smart mirror and lamp, these gadgets caught our eye at CES 2019:

  1. Lumi Charge. This smart LED desk lamp charges your phone, offers dimmable light and more.
  2. ElecproFrom a WiFi video doorbell to a smart door lock, this home system aims to make you feel safer than ever before.
  3. Savvy Smart Mirror. Control your environment with this smart mirror. You can see who’s at the front door, turn up the heat on a cold morning, check how many steps you have for the day and more.
  4. TrustBox. If cybersecurity is at the top of your mind this year, this high-grade router can help.
  5. Safer Alarms. Fires happen, but with this alarm, you can better reduce your chances of ever suffering from a blaze. Unlike a smoke detector, this alarm senses heat for better protection.
  6. WiZama. Love board games? This one takes the cake by integrating video game technology into the board for an elevated experience.
  7. I-Ctrl. Take control of all your home devices right from your phone, including TVs, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and more with this one device.
  8. ConnectSenseControl your home with these smart outlets from ConnectSense — they even pair with Amazon and Google smart home devices.
  9. Rocking Bed. Having trouble falling asleep? This bed might just be what you need. It rocks back and forth to lull you into a slumber.
  10. Focals. If you’ve always wanted to see everything right before your eyes, these smart glasses could be the tech you’ve been waiting for. They have holographic display technology, though look like normal glasses.

This is just a taste of what really went down at CES this year. With more than 4,400 devices, gadgets and technology on display at CES 2019, our list is really just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve been followed along this week, then let us know what your favorite new technology was from the show by emailing [email protected].


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