5 Foolproof Ways To Cook With A Rotisserie Chicken

best ways to use a rotisserie chicken


A rotisserie chicken is like a blank canvas. It’s cheap, convenient and can be turned into just about anything you want. An already-prepared chicken from the supermarket will cut out a major chunk of your cooking time, and you’ll be able to fit great-tasting protein into your diet with barely any effort. Here’s everything you can do with a rotisserie chicken.

1. Chicken Soup

Any time you’re sick, a rotisserie chicken can come to the rescue. This homemade chicken soup calls for chicken broth, onions, carrots, celery and dried thyme. All you’ll have to do is break up the store-bought chicken into bite-sized pieces and throw them into the pot. You’ll have comfort food ready in no time.

2. Pizza

For an easy dinner, buy a bag of pizza dough, a piece of mozzarella cheese and a rotisserie chicken. You can use any kind of sauce you have lying around your kitchen, whether it’s butternut squash, pesto, vodka sauce, bolognese or marinara. And chicken is a much lighter option than the usual meats offered at pizzerias, so you’re being semi-healthy in the process. Create a buffalo chicken pizza if you have any hot sauce or make it a simple chicken-and-cheese pie with no sauce at all.

3. Salad

best ways to use a rotisserie chicken


Whether you’re meal prepping for the week or making yourself dinner, rotisserie chicken comes in clutch when you’re in the mood for a salad. If you think your store-bought chicken is a getting a little dry, put it in a bowl with a generous drizzle of olive oil and some lemon juice. (Always season the chicken separately before you throw it into your salad since store-bought chickens are pretty bare bones in terms of seasoning.) Toss the chicken with a little bit of smoked paprika or curry powder, and don’t forget the salt and pepper.

4. Quesadillas

A cheesy quesadilla can cure all. The most time-consuming part of making a quesadilla is the protein part. You have to factor in time to marinate it, cook it and cut it all up. But if you already have your chicken ready to go, you can make a killer quesadilla in under 10 minutes in the toaster oven. We’re all about an easy quesadilla.

5. Tacos

Tacos are just as easy to prepare on the fly as quesadillas. Toss your rotisserie chicken into a bowl with taco seasonings, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, sesame oil or anything that you’re in the mood for. Just because the chicken is already cooked doesn’t mean you can’t marinate it afterward. With the right ingredients, you won’t even know the chicken was pre-cooked. Here’s a recipe for Mexican street corn tacos that are perfect for your next summer cookout.


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