This Adorable Oven Looks Like Your Delivery Pizza Box

Pizza Box Oven


When you think of a pizza oven, your mind probably jumps directly to that giant brick contraption that takes up an entire corner at your standard Italian joint. But there’s a much easier way to make fresh pizza, and it’s convenient and affordable.

CuiZen’s Pizza Box Oven, which you can find on Amazon for $46, makes up to 12-inch pies in under 30 minutes. The oven looks like a delivery pizza box, and it’s about as easy to carry around as a briefcase. It has a rotating cooking surface and an adjustable thermostat, which can heat up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit.

The convenient pizza oven has a 30-minute timer and a cool-touch stainless steel handle, so you can move it to wherever you need it without having to worry about burning yourself. Jammed into this tiny box is 1200 watts of power, so you know there’s plenty of energy to make all of your bubbly cheese pizza dreams come true.

And let’s be honest — when you have a small kitchen (like us) and need to maintain your minimalist lifestyle, this oven is ideal.

Just buy pre-made pizza dough at the grocery store for under $5 and get creative with any topping ingredients you have in your fridge. You can put both fresh or frozen pizza into this oven, including rising crust options.

Once your friends find out you have this portable secret cooking weapon, be prepared to supply pizza for all future parties — or, you know, whenever the cravings strike.


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